WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the fairy queen

help me up-i need to know who's THERE-
there is a knock at the fairy's door-knock-knock-ooooooooohhhhhhh-who's there-i just have to tell you dolly's-IT'S ME THE FAIRY QUEEN, IVE BEEN HURT IN A STORM-open the door ,oh thank you-your all very kind, mumma Jo we need a first aid kit-ooooh who's hurt-wait a minute-i need to get the fairy queen a glass of lemonade and i think i need 1 as well.. da da da -
i hope every 1s having a great day........ singing and skipping love Jo.

Friday, April 25, 2008

the fairy's door has been opened-

'' its been a full moon-'''what does that mean to you-well here at fairy cake pond it could mean anything-1 of the Dolly's has opened the fairy's door- i know your all thinking, the what-its true i do have a little door in my kitchen,and every now and then 1 of the twin Dolly's opens it-and that's when things happen in the middle of the night-so this time i put out the tea cups and I've opened a bottle of lemonade and poured it in to champagne glass's dipped in sugar-well the fairy queen might be coming-I've dusted and played house all afternoon and i made a necklace-which I'm happy with , so every things ready- i hope every 1 has a happy Friday night-I'm of to put my night cream on and then hop into bed with my love story-oh yes life at fairy cake pond is good-mmmm- i don't know what will happen in the night-and who is to come for a visit.... love to you all Jo Anderson....

Monday, April 21, 2008

delicious white buttons-

i have big old bowls full of nice things-

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

old fur fox.

yes well I'm just at home by my self- oh no I'm not jordys just drove in after work, watch out food here he comes-Mr Australia's at football training with our young Angus and Ive just come back from taking Jeremiah to the skate park-Jessy opals gone to Melbourne town for the day so i have her little puppy sitting right next to me-he is very cute-until i found him eating an old fur fox-some how hes dragged it of our bed ......mmmmm- he is still cute- but i did give him a little talk-i was out and about with my best friend makebeleive3wishes-we had coffee -and then i came home to play house, i put my Patty Griffin CD on and then sweep ed the floors and did dish's- went out to the garden and picked some flowers- it was such a great day-now its time to think about tea-there going to have lots of baked veggies and meat - yes that might just do the trick-oh gee- i hope you all had a great day as well- singing and mmmm-putting on raspberry lipstick-yes that does sound divine love Jo......kiss-kiss-hug-hug.

Friday, April 11, 2008

oh im of to put my lipstick on....

oh well how fast do the days or weeks fly-very-fast-my week has been very busy as i had nanna over for a few days -we call it sleep overs-I'm so glad that she's still with us...it was so much fun as she had to come and watch Angus play basket ball-i said to nanna have you been to a game before-and she said no-i don't think so- it was like wow-nanna is 89- and then i thought she was the 1 person always making shore we had clean beds and fresh food-how things turn around- for the good -yes its good to take a turn of looking after some 1 -after i took nanna home i played house -make your beds and sweep your floors- i do love being at home-i washed everything i could get my hands on and hung it out to dry on the cloths line- how i love the smell of clean fresh cloths ,and then we had Friday magazine swap day- who was there-mmm let me think- make believe- adore before- Julie- and my sailor girlfriend -named sally-who id love 4 her to do a blog- 1 day- Avalon wasn't there this week-she was out and about -picking up her new car- so we missed her- the main thing we talked about was the live show of MOURLIN ROUGE- adore before has got 10 tickets for who wants to go- we will be dressing up- so that's like going to be so much fun-i hope every 1 had a great week- the sun is out so my young boys are of to skate and Mr Australia's of to football- i have the rest of the day to myself-until tea time that is- oh tell me whats your best meal- i need some new food ideas-singing and skipping love Jo Anderson-oh I'm of to put my lipstick on...da da da.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

wake up- where late-

OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh,mmmmmmYYYYYYY- WAKE UP -OH PLEASE WAKE UP MISS GREEN-we are so late-yes OK-what am i late 4- ms Lori from faerie window is having a dolly challenge...oh i hope she has cake- -I'm waking up- lets go.....

Sunday, April 6, 2008

monday at fairy cake pond-

hello and welcome to my little world-Ive just made a pot of tea -would you like to share it with me- oh please sit down and i will go and get you a cup and saucer-do you take milk-today is Monday the start of the week- our school holidays are over and Jeremiah went back today- mmm- Angus was up all night with his head over a bucket- the poor young lad- any way he's on his way to good heath -I'm telling you- Ive been running from the kitchen to his bedroom with toasted sandwich's and warm Milo's all day-oh yes i think hes OK-lots of things are going to be happening this week -nanna is coming for a sleep over tomorrow night- its going to be lots of fun-as she is coming to Angus's first basketball game-i don't know how this is all going to go- but I'm going to give it my best-nannas 89- and doesn't walk that far- I'm going to just have to tell her- there will be cake after tea- that might get her to walk -if i don't laugh -i think id cry- gee i hope my own darling children are going to be kind to me later on-Ive been home playing house- and then i went out to have a little walk around fairy cake pond- do you know all the Queens lace is coming back up-i just love to walk around and look at the new rose's as the new flowerheads come open-its magic-its such a beautiful day- love to you all- Jo Anderson.......

Friday, April 4, 2008

ya ya - happy friday-

OK-well most Friday mornings -I'm sipping coffee with my ya ya 's -there my best friends, any way, today was Friday and we went down to sorrento -that's where i grow up-the place we had coffee at was called the baths- its so beautiful-as we sat there- you get to watch the little boats bopping up and down in the water-its what most people would call the sea side- we talked about magazines- what our children are all doing -who's got the best recipe's for dinner-mmm some times we talk about our husbands-well not that much- avalonandtheroses is with us as well- she had her new copy of romantic homes wow is this a great magazine-there are some beautiful blog girls in this -i found this divine vintage clown costume the other day when young Angus and i where out and about-my best friend makebelieve3wish's ,makes children's dress ups- so i knew it just had to be hers- ( she has just started a blog -so have a little look )we sipped coffee and then dropped the young boys of at the skate park-we decided to go- yes OK-op shopping -that's what we love to do- it was so much fun-gee did we laugh and laugh-Ive been best friends with her since grade 3- i am 1 very lucky person- i hope you all had a great day -happy Friday singing and skipping love to you all Jo Anderson.