WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Monday, March 24, 2008

melbourne town- here i come...

hello and welcome to my little world-wow today was so warm and just now we are having a rain storm- Angus and i went for a drive in the jeep to a place called morning ton in Victoria-there are some fantastic place's to shop for junk- we went to the tip shop- which is great-everything comes from the rubbish tips-i spent $ 2.00 -i got a bowl made in England-with violets all around it- and a little table cloth-then we went to the antique shed and while walking around i had a chat to Gail MC Cormack's husband tony-( Gail has a blog world so please look her up-)so that was nice-i have got my eye on a 2 seat er lounge - its apricot silky -sorta satin-its very nice- yes its divine-I'm just thinking if it would go in our bed and breakfast-I'm not to shore if Ive told you - Ive got this on the side of our house-its not ready just yet- all our friends come and stay- so I'm still looking for a few things-I'm counting the sleeps till Friday night - when my Mr Australia takes me to Melbourne ( that's the city ) to see patty griffin play- i know i saw her on Saturday just down the road from fairy cake pond- but that girl can sing-she's playing in the palais theater in st kilda-my big boys are at football training- yes even jordy and his best friend Andrew are training with the juniors-that would be a good thing to see-he's 20 years old and hasn't played since he was 16-mmm-my Mr Australia is the trainer for the under 14- which is Jeremiah's age group-so it feels like winter is on its way for me when football is in our house-mind you- i don't know what there talking about-i just say -oh its a boys world- anyway i hope every body had a neat Easter weekend- singing and skipping I'm of to put my raspberry lipstick on la la la love Jo.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

down the road from me-

have you ever just wanted to smile and be so happy- well yesterday was like that for me-if you have an atlas hanging about open it up and see where i live in Victoria Australia-look up sorrento- well next to that is a little place called port sea-its on the very tip of Australia-they had live bands play there and my very best singer-PATTY GRIFFIN- was there -i sang my heart out- we where so close to the stage - she just makes my heart sing- we had other people singing as well-KEITH URBAN- MMMMnow that's a very good looking man- and JOHN FOG ARTY-i don't know much about him -but he was really good-they had food stalls so we ate like kings- and lots of local wines and Australian beer-you can ask my Mr Australia about the beer-as he fall asleep in the car on the way home -we where with lots of our friends as well-when i was sitting there just looking out- the photo- with all the people-well you just saw all the boats- people where on them listening to the music- what a day singing and skipping love Jo. p.s Mr Australia and i are going to Melbourne on Friday night to see patty again sing- i cant wait-

Thursday, March 20, 2008

over time-

wow- these are some of the photo's over my time here on blog world-time just goes so fast- Ive been away for a week at a place called the Murry river-here in Victoria Australia-if you have an atlas hanging around look it up- its a cool thing to do-Mr Australia ,Angus and jordy have gone to see Carlton play football (Aussie rules)tonight- Jeremiahs gone camping with his best friend so hes away for 4 days -I'm a bit sad about that and happy at the same time- i do have to let them all grow up- Jessy opals at her house -so its just me here with my music going -i think its a good night for a bubble bath- and into bed with my love trash-( romance book ) id just love to say- happy and safe Easter to you all-thank you for all your kind words to me-you make my world spin-singing and skipping love Jo. p.s don't for get to put your lipstick on.la la la

Thursday, March 13, 2008

my treasure's-

i cant help myself - i love decorating our house- i move everything around-not once but 2 or 3 times-i love in the mornings when the house is still a sleep and the young boys are still warm in bed- and I'm just hearing my Mr Australia wake up-I've been up for a while- and lite my morning candle and given a little blessing-then i make my morning coffee -that is a must-i had my darling sweet nanna stay last night so -that was the most beautiful time- after i made the beds and sweeped the floors, nanna and i then went op shopping-well i found this beautiful dress.-its white with silver glitter on it and its divine-oh and it cost $1.oo dollar-we could only do 1 op shop as nanna got very tired - so i said nanna i think its time for coffee and a little cake,, she just smiled and said yes id like that-after nanna went home i went out side to fairy cake pond- that's our name for our house and garden- i planted a purple passion flower-ooooohhhh- i cant wait for that to get flowers- I'm going to float them in bowls of water-oh yes i do love to decorate- it's really playing house. singing and skipping love Jo Anderson.

Monday, March 10, 2008

whispered words-

the fairy queen has whispered words to me -i of our butterfly's has a tattered wing-she said it was day light and she can not come to find the sick insect,please do not linger as this butterfly is 1 of our messenger's be very careful as if his wing is broken his memory could be lost-the fairy king has asked me to let you know how proud he is of you - you are like the keeper of fairy cake pond- thank you fairy queen i shall try to do my best-

Thursday, March 6, 2008

a little about me.

hello and welcome to my little world- i live at a place called FAIRY CAKE POND-its me and Mr Australia and our 4 children-and we have our animals-the road to our house is made of dirt and we have tea tress all around-it 's divine - Ive been making crafty things for a very long time and i collect -i love warn old quilts and vintage cloths- old Dolly's- velvet ribbon's,i all so like the feel of crepe paper - i like the sound of whispered words -love words- bird song and my children laughing-( dressing- up)- its so delicious to dress up for the theatre or even when I'm going surfing -i all ways wear lip stick even when I'm wearing striped socks with my pink dyed petticoats- i wear vanilla perfume every day and i sip lemonade out of champagne glass's -life is good - i hope you all have a fantastic week end - I'm about to make afternoon tea - id love to share it with you - welcome to my little world.singing and skipping love jo anderson.....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

today is just the most beautiful day-i got up to bird song-then got pushed out of bed as mothers do -to start the day of with making breakfast for the young boys and my Mr Australia-it's like this, any 1 for more toast- and who's up for making the Milo's, and then we made school and work lunch's-then they all went of with Mr Australia in the work truck- bye darlings - see you tonight-now it make your beds and sweep your floors- which i love as i can put my music on and just sing -so loud its fantastic-i put on Norah Jones ( feels like home ) very nice -yes quit nice ,remember i live down a dirt road and have 4 house's in our street -so if you hear a car or truck ,its like whats that noise,as the only noise is my chock's sing as well-mmm- say no more-out side the day is divine - Ive put 2 loads of washing on the cloths line and went around to look at our tomatoe plants - and its like wow - there's some as big as my palm -and they smell so beautiful-im thinking jessy opal might be here for tea tonight so thats great- i love when our familys around-oh the phone's ringing- well that was so nice thats 1 of my dear friends -she's the 1 who showed me how to whip cream-when i was 18 years old- anyway i have lots of storys- its time for glass's of lemonade and cake- come and join me- have a great day- singing and skipping love jo.