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Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Monday, March 24, 2008

melbourne town- here i come...

hello and welcome to my little world-wow today was so warm and just now we are having a rain storm- Angus and i went for a drive in the jeep to a place called morning ton in Victoria-there are some fantastic place's to shop for junk- we went to the tip shop- which is great-everything comes from the rubbish tips-i spent $ 2.00 -i got a bowl made in England-with violets all around it- and a little table cloth-then we went to the antique shed and while walking around i had a chat to Gail MC Cormack's husband tony-( Gail has a blog world so please look her up-)so that was nice-i have got my eye on a 2 seat er lounge - its apricot silky -sorta satin-its very nice- yes its divine-I'm just thinking if it would go in our bed and breakfast-I'm not to shore if Ive told you - Ive got this on the side of our house-its not ready just yet- all our friends come and stay- so I'm still looking for a few things-I'm counting the sleeps till Friday night - when my Mr Australia takes me to Melbourne ( that's the city ) to see patty griffin play- i know i saw her on Saturday just down the road from fairy cake pond- but that girl can sing-she's playing in the palais theater in st kilda-my big boys are at football training- yes even jordy and his best friend Andrew are training with the juniors-that would be a good thing to see-he's 20 years old and hasn't played since he was 16-mmm-my Mr Australia is the trainer for the under 14- which is Jeremiah's age group-so it feels like winter is on its way for me when football is in our house-mind you- i don't know what there talking about-i just say -oh its a boys world- anyway i hope every body had a neat Easter weekend- singing and skipping I'm of to put my raspberry lipstick on la la la love Jo.


Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hello Jo! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments! Your blog is beautiful and Australia looks like such a lovely place....I want to visit! I love your photos...especially the one up top with the bunny wearing a tiara! I am book marking your site so I can come back for another visit. Have a wonderful day! xoxo ~ Joy J.

Miss.Maddie's said...

You have so many lovelies it's such a treat to visit. Those beautiful mannequins are quite sought after here.
I hope you have a great time in Melbourne!
xo Susan

Christine LeFever said...

You are a delight, Jo! I love your outfit in this post. How serendipitous! Yes, when I visit Australia, I will have to stay in your bed and breakfast!


Sea Angels said...

Hello Jo you look so lovely in your photograph, I adore your style, and the colour suits you soooo much.
Thankyou for visiting me you always say such divine things, you lift my spirits no end, many thanks for that.
Those roses....I can smell them from here.
Have a great week
Hugs Lynn xx

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Im so envious of your lovely, drop dead roses.

Counting Your Blessings said...

Jo that color is AMAZING on you! And your mannequins are wonderful too. Blessings... Polly

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello sweet Jo~ I wanted to come by and thank you with all my heart your beautiful comment you left me during my hard times.. I haven't gotten the energy to think of positive things yet, but, I am looking at my paper and pen you told me to get! I've gotten that far! YOu will be on my positive side!!!! It really touches my soul that you took the time to lend a hand and to help me! My emotions are strong at this time and it makes my heart feel love that you'd do that for me! Thank you dear sweet friend, your appreciated!!!!!!!!!~

Lynne said...

lovely roses!
thanks for commenting on my blog- i'll have more of Anna Purna (and her dolls) up next week!

Rosemary said...

Hi Jo,
Hope you had a great time!!
Sounds great where you are.