WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Thursday, January 24, 2008

the green dress-

yesterday- at afternoon tea time, i was asking the twin dolly's if they would like a little lilac fairy cake- well did they take there time to pick which 1 they wanted,
i just had to show you all my new green dress- i love it -our Jessica opal works in a fantastic dress shop at sorrento -so when i was out and about - i went in to see her and the new stock for the shop was coming out of box's- and she said mum go and try this green dress on- it fits my big bones so well- so i brought it then. i hope every ones well and if your not - please get better - its going to be a great day here at fairy cake pond- I'm just finishing my morning coffee and I'm of to make some beds- singing and skipping la la la love Jo-

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

good morning-

hello and welcome to my little world, I'm back from surfing at Phillip island- if you have an atlas its in Victoria Australia-it was so much fun- our young boys just surfed for 6 days-i went for walked along the beach -which was so nice- and had lovely food cooked for us by my Mr Australia and our brother in law-they cooked on the BBQ-there where 7 children all together- cousins- i just love that-well we are going into sorrento soon as Jeremiah wants to go skate boarding , so i might go to the little op shop and see whats out and about- oh yes now have any of you divine girls got dolls house's - oh do tell me as I'm going to get Jessica opals out of the shed and start again-singing and skipping love jo .

Friday, January 18, 2008

its saturday-

hello to you all- oh i just had to tell you all something- i just woke up from slumber- remember we are in summer here in Victoria Australia- well we are having summer shower-i just had to describe it to you-I'm looking outside from the purple lounge room-I'm telling you this-there is like little drops some big but mostly small hitting the top of the water in the pond- I'm hoping turtles are enjoying it all-any way i can hear the drops on our corrugated iron roof- it's drip drip- drop- oh it just sounds Divine-anyway- i had an email from this very gorgeous girl named Debbie -from ( beautiful art ) it made my heart sing to get a note from her-I'm just so blown away by the kindness of all of you - you give me eye candy - when i come to look at your worlds through blog or flickr- I'm about to start packing some things up to go in the caravan- i have my nanna table cloths and pillows to pretty up the caravan mmmm- what else do i need singing and skipping around and around love Jo.

its friday-here-

ooohhh, my - well today is Friday- magazine swap day- every Friday all my best friends try to get together- and seeing we are in the school holidays here in Victoria Australia- some of the ya ya's have been away- well there all back -safe and sound-so we all meet up today to share ,where we have been and what we have been doing for 3 weeks-it was so much fun- we where all talking at the same time- mmmm- well yes its true-we can talk-we talked about our children- what we have found- while we are out and about ( op shopping ) and what makebelive3wishs did on her holiday camping with her family- in Queensland-the price of food all ways comes up- and whats the best meal of the week-Avalon for got to say what she's been cooking for her family-ask her for an invite- she's the best cook-my young boys have been away at a place called Phillip island- they got the passenger ferry- across the water- it cost them $ 5.00 and Mr Australia's ticket was $ 10.. there and back-so tomorrow we will drive there by car and take the caravan and stay for 3 days- so I'm going to be surfing -oh how i love it-my sister in law is there with her husband and there 4 children and an other uncle and his son- so there are tents up every where-our young boys are having such a great time-jordy will be staying home to look after frank our pet rat -oh and Mr Bella Donna - needs to be feed 2 times a day-i miss not playing house- but the caravan is fun-any way love to you all -singing and skipping -Jo... p.s don't forget to put your lipstick on-la la la.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

fairy cake pond-this is home to me-

hello- I'm out side trying to catch butterfly's - afternoon tea is at 4.30 oh do come- singing and skipping la la la love Jo-

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

hello and welcome to my little world- I've been out and about in my old-new jeep- it goes like a little rocket- to tell the truth I've really only been down to the skate board track at rosebud- that's our big- small town- isn't the name of the town divine- ( ROSEBUD )Jeremiah and Angus- are on school holiday's like summer holidays-i think there home for about 6 weeks- so I'm really happy- as i get to do great things-the big thing is trying to feed Jeremiah- he never stops- and Ive been dog sitting Jessica opals little puppy shaddy- as hes so little to be left at home on hot days- it going to be 41 tomorrow-in between do young boys things I've been playing house- Mr Australia got a trailer load of mulch( mushroom mulch ) its the best and it really helps - I've ripped just about every thing out of the garden so that i could get in and really dig-i didn't get to do the veggie garden so i just put leeks and onions as borders around the garden beds- its all working well-i really need to get my act together and start to do some craft-Jessica opal- came over and we ordered some fantastic books from amazon books so i have to wait 11 to 16 days so lets start to count down-i think 1 of the books was magnolia pearls book- has any 1 else got that book-it looks like lots of yummy velvets and old lace-an other book was - crowns&tiaras- that looked really good- so i cant wait to sit down and just have lots of eye candy- mmm- oh that does sound sweet divine. singing and skipping love Jo. p.s don't forget to put you lipstick on.la la la .

Friday, January 4, 2008

lilac fairy cakes- on saturday afternoon-

hello and welcome to my little world- its a place- well its our place- somewhere we all feel happy - a place where our children can just be them self's- we read bed time story's about 8.30 most night's-I'm a little bit saddened that our Jessy's not home any more - but that's OK- i see her most days - she's of making her own nest-Angus and i thought we would have an afternoon tea party- he's all dressed up in his op shop shirt that he brought for $ 1.00 - hes such a great little person- some young girls going to get a prince- while we where here playing house and getting the tea party things ready- you know the bottle of lemonade and the tea cup's- i could hear the twin Dolly's telling the koala's of- they where trying to steal the lilac fairy cakes-i came back to the dinning table and said - we wont have any of that- thank you- we will share-well in the end the koala's sat down very nicely, and they both had the best manners-every ones belly's are full- so that's very nice to know- well for 20 min any way-young boys belly's are never full-last night Mr Australia took us for a little drive - to surprise me- well he did that- he brought me an old - new jeep- its like barbies jeep-it so much fun and so nice to drive- i have a photo of it on my flickr- well its very hot over here in Victoria - Australia being Saturday - its got up to 36 in temp-I'm up for a white icy pole- would you like 1- have a great Saturday night-la la la love Jo Anderson- p.s thanks for all your notes to me - i love them-

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


hello - and welcome to my little world- every ones still a sleep so i thought id be up early and just potter around the house-i just had to show you my new-old dresser that i had given to me from 1 of my girlfriends- aunty Wendy- yes shes changing her house all around and every things going - so she asked us if we would have her kitchen dresser- so I'm having heaps of fun- you know playing house- i have to tell you all something- 1 of my best friends has just done - a blog so please go and say hello to her- i will tell you something about this beautiful girl- in my mind- remember this is me- my friend has come from the royal sandwich family- yes she is the best cook- she makes me and my family feel very welcome in her home-there are all ways real words -full of kindness- one moment we may be drinking pots of tea to eating a Mac's 50 cent ice cream- she loves pugs - oh yes shes a very good pug mummy- and she just lives for vintage- and loves- OK I'm telling you Martha -her, Mr- does up very old cars- so there into the same things- they love there home and there family- we have so many good times- and we eat cake- please go and say hello to her- shes over at-- avalonandtheroses- enjoy- I'm so glad shes got a blog- la la la - love Jo.

last night....

last night....
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i just think this is all so dreamy-