WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Thursday, June 26, 2008


good bye-my darling nanna, i love you with all my heart, i shall sip cold champagne and eat fairy cake's under the full moon, i shall dance and think of you-all ways....when i was 11 years old, i went out the back door, down the dirt road out the back gate and through your front door - you saved my life darling nanna- you helped me become me- i love you - be safe my dear friend - Jo Anderson- your princess. x x x x x x

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the fairy queen-

oooooohhhhh,hello and welcome to fairy cake pond-ssssssssshhhhhhhhh- the fairy queen is about to wake up from her slumber-the little bird has just spoken to me-i just want to ask her if she would like to have some afternoon tea -singing and skipping-jo....
oh life is good at fairy cake pond........

Thursday, June 19, 2008

on this fine day-

just a little slice of life from fairy cake pond-at this very moment I'm home here by myself-Ive got music going and I've just opened a cold bottle of diet lemonade-Ive put it in a champagne glass with ice and it very delicious-nanna is doing fine-well to fine for my heart- she thinks she's on holidays in some resort- it very funny-she just makes my heart sing-she even had the hair dresser come to her on Friday afternoon-she asked me to get her hair pins out of her bed side cupboard-every 2ND day i take her fresh flowers-that makes her smile -every day I'm with her is a joy-yes life at the nursing home is divine-haven't seen much of our Jessy opal-shes still playing house and has her puppy shady to be with-i think shes coming for tea tomorrow night ( Friday )well -lets get jordy over and done with-what can i say -he's going to be 21 next moth-mmmmm-he's asking over 80 fun -funky -fantastic wild people here-oh mother- that's going to be all smile's-so I'm thinking-like what do i feed them-drinks well the drink blenders going to get a got work out-so any 1 with nice drink recipes please do tell-Jeremiahs still skating and doing football-and just having 2 good a life-yes he's 14- and young Angus-well hes still my baby boy- tomorrow night Friday and I'm shore he will wont to have a sleep over- the children of his age are so divine -they still want to build chubby houses and just do kid things-well i do love that age- ( 10 )I'm really missing my pug-( china) at the end of the year -who knows but I'm saying it out load -i need a little pug puppy-Mr Australia do you here me....god Ive got to love my man-he dose put up with a lot-hes been working around fairy cake pond-trying to get it all cleaned up for jordys 21st-i really like having party's things get done...winter has come to Victoria Australia- its cool at night time- so we have had our fire going most nights-its funny but all our poppy seeds are coming back up-i have big bunch's of queenanneslace every where as well- after the school holidays I'm going to a florist class-I'm over the moon about that -i can tell you-I'm really going on here-I'm of to run a bubble bath before all the boys come back from footy training-i just need to say thank you-your all such good friends-i hope your all well and happy in your worlds-singing and skipping-love Jo Anderson .p.s oh don't forget to put your lip stick on.......

Friday, June 6, 2008

going to the movies-

oh Ive just had the best fun ever-with everything happening -with nanna-i took the night of and went to the red carpet-opening of sex in the city- it was the world opening and we had it in our home town of sorrento ,i think we had about 250 wild -dressed to kill women-the shoes -well let me tell you the shoes of some of them where so over the top -the coats where- fur or velvet-there was satin and lace dress-and 1 woman came in a pin striped pant suit-she just made me cry-she was divine-i think every hair dresser was booked out for the day-well we only have 2 -the shoe shop made heaps as well my best friend-makebeleive3wish's one best dressed- we all just screamed out-go ya ya-it was fun-they drank bottles of champagne and eat yummy things as well-well i just loved the movie-i want say a thing-just go and see it for your self's-and then we will talk about it-yes that's what we will so-singing and skipping love Jo...

Monday, June 2, 2008

kiss kiss.

hello and welcome to my world- i live at a place called fairy cake pond- i just have to say ,id love a lemonade and a slice of cake -who wants to have afternoon tea with me...nanna is doing ok-ive been to feed her lunch and brush her hair-i just hold her hand-mmmm-but life is good im a very happy person-i hope every 1s well and doing the most over the top things-singing and skipping-love and hugs to you all jo anderson.....