WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

some post's are so magical.

hello and welcome to our little world....Last night before any 1 else was home for tea-my Mr Australia came into the house with a present box-he said this looks like its from over sea 's- i said it's come from across the ocean-then i just started to scream with joy-my hand was on my heart....i have to tell you-that my Mr Australia ( husband ) took all these photo's, the present box is a swap I'm doing with the divine fairy girl-from ROWANDEVOE-i was just so taken back-by how kind she is..the present box was so full-i had know idea that the swap was going to be -of so many sweet things-i was just thinking a letter or a card..oh no-row out did her self....I'm half way-with collecting a few thing's for her-so i must get my self together....and go down to the post office-row -thank you my darling Friend from across the ocean -the toy pug dog -has been taken by young Angus-he said mummy-that looks like our china.....ooooooohhhh-i miss him so much-but he is in dog heaven with wings on...row made me a crown and a necklace as well-but the best -was -well you all know i love lip stick-she gave me a new 1....so here is a little note to you row-..like a poem-just my little words to you-here i go...black bird. little black bird,little black bird..''.oh do come into our garden'' if you sing to me..i will give you some sunflower seed's from our garden bed,they will keep you well and healthy. little black bird..little black bird.are you there -do you hear me-please do come in to my garden-and sing to me. love Jo.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

color-i need color-

today being monday-its the start of a new week-all the young boys had gone of to school and mr australia was at work- so the day has been all mine......our miss jessy opal, rang me and said mum im coming over for tea-
so i said yes-yes thats fine....so me being home -i have been playing house -doing the dish's -i dont mind hand washing our dish's as there all so pretty-i like washing the little bread and butter plates-the one's with the rose's-i then made the beds-changed sheets on our bed and did heaps of washing-then jumped in my jeep-which i really love and went down to rosebud shops-to buy the tea things-i came back with a cabbage-the color of the leaves where so bright green ,and i brought 2 bags of love heart lolly's-you know with the words will you marry me-love me for ever-oh there so cute....so while i was down at rosebud i went to see the divine girls at the bad seed and the loved one-we have been so into looking at decorating books-they love the same books as me- bazaar style-and the french decrating ones as well-and country living-what more can i say-so do look up these 2 girls they have just started a blog and it so full of eye candy-oh -yes i think they are very much-ya ya's-and thats a good thing-so my post on my blog world has been color-oh im of to put my rasperry lip stick on before miss jessy opal arrive;s for tea-

Thursday, February 19, 2009

im thinking of a deep lilac satin dress and a lemon petticoat.

hello and welcome to my little world-its Friday and its a great day lots of wind out side, i went and had lunch with the ya ya's today ( that's my girlfriends...there divine and i love them all ) after lunch ,i went op shopping and i found this chandelier,i just about fell over when i saw it...so I'm just thinking where, i could hang it....oh what fun-now has any1 heard of the brother and sister-singers-Angus and Julia stone...well there little movies of them singing have taken my breath away-id love you all to have a happy Friday night,id so love to share a champagne with you....singing and skipping love Jo.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

mud and straw....

hello and welcome to my little world......I've been at home today playing house,make the beds and sweep the floor's,yes that's the kinda day i had....i put some music on and then went out side as the sun was out...and i just started to play with some mud and straw and i made a birds nest-it was so much fun.....now the young boys have gone for a surf with Mr Australia-(there dad)SO I'M HERE READING MY LOVE TRASH....I ASKED them to bring me home a bottle of champagne -so when i have my bath before bed-well i have a glass of champagne in the bath-isn't that what a girls suppose to do...singing and skipping love jo.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i was so happy last night.

you know sometimes things just happen....well last night i was home,with the younger boy's and the phone rang...ring ring-ring ring......can somebody please answer that...well young Angus came in a while later -still talking on the phone=he said to me, mummy don't say anything = guess who I'm talking to-i just smiled as i knew it was somebody that he liked-and it was -he said mummy its Jan fryer-well i started to scream and cry all at the same time -oh my dear heart
( friend )from London was on the phone....it just made my heat sing-i so needed to hear her voice...she lives in glostershire and she has snow and its so cold...we talked for some time -i think she was in bed ,in pj's and thick woolen socks on her feet and a warm cup of tea,,,i was sitting here with a sarong wrapped around me-as its so hot here in Victoria Australia- to tell the truth we talked about the bush fire's ,I'm so sad about the beautiful lives that have been lost to us all...the family's must be braking there hearts-we did have a little fire down the road -but not close -so if something happens we are to jump in the pond with wet blankets over us-i just carnt think about it-so to hear my friends voice -it made my world spin .....thankyou my darling friend-

Thursday, February 5, 2009

its friday....

hello....welcome to my little world.....how good is this -it's Friday -i love Fridays -its take a way night -like fish and chips and a bottle of pink champagne -for me and glass's of lemonade for the young boys ,my Mr Australia will have a Friday night beer....our miss Jessy opal and he josh will be here for tea as well..so I'm over the moon-i just love it when there all home and we sit around the table and talk about things-its going to be very hot this weekend so I've put all the air con on-tomorrows going to be 40 ish....has any 1-brought the new in side out magazine..well Shannon frincke has her house in it-she has a blog about divine house's..its really nice.....i really like Australia house magazines...red hill markets on tomorrow,if Angus and i go -it will have to be really early...to beat the heat.....Angus's fairy god mother is coming for the weekend -so I've been here playing house-you know make your beds and sweep your floors...lots of fresh flowers in most rooms...oh my i have to go to the school bus to pick up Jeremiah...have a fantastic weekend-singing and skipping love Jo......