WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

just singing and skipping-

hello and welcome to my little world-I'm just going to put the jug on to make a pot of tea-mmm -English breakfast or jasmine- you choose,the dolly's are all waiting for a cold glass of lemonade, and lilac fairy cake's- I've had a great few days- went to Melbourne on Monday with Jessy opal ( our daughter ) it was fantastic-we went to st kilda and port Melbourne- and just op shopped ( second hand shopping )she took me to this 1 shop in Richmond- and we got some really funky cloths- as I'm going to see the stage show of Priscilla queen of the desert-i think this might be on DVD-oh gosh its such a fun movie- for grown ups- my young Angie has seen it = well he just shakes his head- and Say's mum your out there-any way my dress is purple and green and black real 70's so i was thinking- now only thinking about putting a lilac color through my hair- has any 1 ever done that before- please do tell me about it-Ive been in the garden and have just chopped back the foxgloves so i can get to everything- I'm about to get some sunflower seeds-Mr Australia has just come home with the most divine thing you can ever see- a female turtle- he has 2 more females coming and 1 male- the girl has gone in to the pond- and when i sit a watch she puts her head up- i just say your come to a safe place my sweet-Jeremiah has asked for Saturday night if he can have some friends over for a sleep over- well 6 young men- well i will have to get heaps of food in for that night - then they hope to get up real early to go for a surf in flinders-oh sorry -I'm just having a sip of my jasmine tea-Ive been at home all day , just playing house- Ive had to fill up 1 of the water tanks- with bore water as we ran out-I'm still listening to patty griffin- after seeing her in Melbourne 2 weeks ago - i cant seem to get her music out of my head- i hope every ones well and if your sad I'm so sorry- have a fantastic day love Jo Anderson la la la ...p.s don't forget to put your lipstick on.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

dolly's anf fairy cake's....

well some how i have 2 photos of the Dolly's having cake- I'm on my way to Melbourne today with my miss Jessy- our daughter- i think she's taking me to st kilda and Albert park- oh she's just come in the drive - i hope you all have fun today- la la la love Jo

Saturday, November 17, 2007

christmas at the studio-

I'm just sitting here trying to take all my life in- the last 2 days have been so wonderful- I've been at the studio , in Victoria Australia- there are great big gum tress all around our stalls-my heart beats so fast- every 1s art work is so fantastic-they have worked on there art for 1 year-my Mr Australia - well i can't tell you how proud i am of my man- he was there for 2 days helping - not just me but my girl friend as well- don't worry- i kissed him good night and sweet dreams- and all those yummy thing-the people had smiles on there faces when they looked at the things that id made-i have more photo's but i just had to show you- the door handle on the door to the studio- it's real-1 of the girls is a glass blower- is that what you call her??- anyway in the studio - its wow so dreamy-she has vase's that hang of old wire- i can't tell you how divine these are-
1 girl names Julie - she did paintings -and the 1 I'm showing you was fantastic-super fantastic- in all my rush- i had the most overcome thing happen to me- Mr Australia and i went in to the city of Melbourne to see a girl- play- her name was PATTY GRIFFIN -this is what happens to me - my hand is - no both my hands are still on my heart- have you ever heard this girls music-mmmmm-i will not say 1 more word- well i will - id ask her to come and have fairy cake's and champagne with me - that's how good she is-oh I'm of to put my night cream on- I'm so sleepy-mmmmm- have a happy Saturday night- write soon - love Jo Anderson.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

They drank some of the Lemonade...

this young girl is coming with me on Friday- to Christmas at the studio- I'm really loving what I've been making- there unwanted thing under glass-love jo-

Sunday, November 11, 2007

oh christmas tree.....

well-I've been at home playing house- and loving it- yesterday young Angie said mummy what's in this big box- i said lets open it and have a look-well he was so surprised, as it was our -ok-ok- lilac Christmas tree-so he worked on putting it together- and wow weeee- its looking pretty good-i know its a bit early- but hay -welcome to my little world- i just had to show you all our foxgloves- it's a real fairy land- it's like count down for me at the moment as on Friday - its the Christmas at the studio day-I'm not ready- but I'm going to go and just have fun- now i do have a few -thank you's- Donna o- mmmm- you inspired me- with your words about Christmas- Ive started on some decorations- and Ive sorta meet this girl on blog world- id never seen her world before- Pandora's parlor- have i had my eye's closed- wow- i wish we could all have a fairy's tea party...la la la.love Jo.

Friday, November 9, 2007

after-noon tea.

hello and welcome to my little world-I'm sorry i haven't written to you all- as I've been so busy trying- well yes trying very hard to get things made for next Friday - with Christmas at the studio- I'm with nanna about 3 times a week- so that's the best time to just laugh lots and smile- and be glad - she's sitting there with me-i just thought some of you darling friends might like to come and sit and share a pot of tea- oh and fairy cakes-i hope your all well- i saw that Lori has snow- wow - here we are going into summer- I'm up real early in the mornings to water our foxgloves and queen Anne's lace- oh I'm of to put more lipstick on.la la la love Jo Anderson.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

im just thinking......

remember I'm just sitting here for a min- thinking- oh about what -you ask-hello and welcome to my little world- how fast do the days go by... I've been away camping in our caravan with Mr Australia and our young boys- it was at a place called Phillip Island- Victoria - Australia- if you have a world atlas -oh please look it up-this is what i love about the flickr and blog world- you see new places-any way i thought id share lunch with you all- came in sit down i will get you a plate-im so busy with helping nanna- oh im loving it- we talk and drink coffee- and smile and laugh a real lot-and im so busy making things for next friday and sat-im really not ready- so whats new -im happy as jessy opals done some of her tea shirts- mind you i havnt seen them as yet- there at her house.... id just like to thank some 1- yes you miss Lauren- i miss all our notes, i hope your world is all happy and well-lori - are you there- hello darling girl- oh there are so many to say hello 2- so hello- fred from fredsworld- put more lip gloss on- no im jokeing- i did ask him once to not forget to put his lipstick on-i hope every 1s happy- im of to finish cooking tea... la la la.love jo anderson

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm so happy to be part of Christmas at the studio- Ive been working on my altered art ( not ) and my unwanted jewellery- for a little while- so its all going to happen really soon- Mr Australia has to come and help me for the 2 days - i love to set up the stall- i do it like a vintage sorta shop- but under a we tent-all my manniquins come out of our house - and they help fill the tent up with there sweet smiles-i need them so i can show my jewellery-im look ing for something a little out there to wear- mmm thats not hard...its so much fun- some of the girls are so like me- it takes a year to get all the beautiful things made... and a lot of them are 1 of's. which is really good-my world is sorta spining at the moment with jessy opal- moving in with josh her boy friend- but we said go and play house.. im now helping to look after my nanna who ive just found out is 92- wow weeee-it give's me so much joy- i think ive drank so many cups of coffee- not at her house but the local coffee shop- oh ive got to run and get the young boys from school- oh yes- happy friday night- about the vintage dress????? love jo anderson la la la singing and skipping.