WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Thursday, December 11, 2008



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Come and play

Come and play
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

christmas at the studio..2008.

oooooooooh, i just don't know where to start..Ive just had the most fun ,divine,wonderful few days at at a studio in Merrick's...its in Victoria Australia....its not far from our home of fairy cake pond...we packed the 2 cars up very early in the morning-as my Mr Australia has to come and be my helper-its mad and lots and lots of people come to buy every ones wares...there are 2 divine girls that run the studio 1 is Liesa wharington and shes a glass artist-she has the biggest heart and she just smiles all the time-no matter how busy she is she stops to say the hello and makes you feel so welcome.....the 2ND girl is like a bright star- her name is flick pope, and she makes jewellery that people just line up for-even to just have a little look at her ware's ,flick will just stop to say hello-hows it all going-there fantastic girls-so once a year for 2 days they open there work space and that when Christmas at the studio happens...i think there where about 26 other stall holders around the property,my best friend makebelive3wish sold her vintage children's dress ups and i believe she did very well,i had my jewellery and over the top food covers-and to my hearts delight i meet an other girl..that i have so wanted to meet for ever, it was ms Irene from the famous jewellery -Iggy and loulou...it just made my heart beat to meet her-I've got a little necklace of hers, but our miss Jessy opal has 5-she had the helping hand of her partner ( peter )so it was nice to meet him as well-at the end of it all we sat under the gum tress and sipped champagne and talked-it was a fun few days-thank you every 1-i love being part of christmas at the studio-singing and skipping love jo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

at fairy cake pond-

hello and welcome to my little world.... i live at a place called fairy cake pond-all true,yes very true...i have to just tell you something-well i haven't forgotten the birthday present,its just that i haven't had a car to go to morning ton shops to get the present...and my darling brother has arrived from WA-Perth Australia and well he does take up talking space... any way Ive been busy trying very hard to get my jewellery and some altered art ready for Christmas at the studio..if there is any 1 who would love to come by and see me and many other divine stalls-this is where we are at...28Th and 29Th of November -10-till-4 melways ref 152 A12 just out side of Melbourne...other Wise send me a note-through flickr or my email...so in between all of that I'm making an advent calender-has any 1 else made 1 before...there fun to make....
so any way i got the new home beautiful ( Australian magazine.) and what do i see a paper mannequin -well i will tell you something- on Friday-i meet up with my ya ya's girlfriends and I'm in makebelives car- and i open the magazine-and i said to her have a little look at this divine paper mannequin,she said holly shit ,there's 1 of those in sorrento op shop for $7.50....i said no way-you left it there-well she said -i didn't know what it was-i said OK OK-Jessy opal that's our daughter-is going to have to come to the rescue...so i rang Jessy opal, on the mobile phone-yes i do have 1-mmm -I'm not keen on it..but anyway-she said i will have a little look on my way to work-so here it is ,i made it up- and its fantastic...
geeeeeee-i go on any way have a great day-and thank you for your notes to me -i love them I'm of to put my raspberry lips stick on.....love Jo...

Friday, November 7, 2008

over the top.

over the top.
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my food cover's-i really love making them....

Monday, November 3, 2008

its a great day.....

I'm just loving this day-
its Melbourne cup day here in Victoria Australia-so i just thought id show you my childhood horse-his names Jerry and my brother mark and i got him from Santa when mark was 2 and i was 3.....the rose's are from our garden and 1 of them is called the blue moon-the fresh eggs have come from our hens that live in the palace.....while young Angus has been busy making cubby house's ,he came across this little birds nest.....he will pull out the prize winner when ,i can get him to sit for a min.....where ever you live -please just have a great day-singing and skipping love Jo....

Friday, October 31, 2008

-little tea set's-

hello and welcome to my little world-yes i do live at a place called fairy cake pond,Ive just finished cooking some small cakes and waiting for them to cool down so i can ice them in soft pink icing,they shall be ready for afternoon tea-i haven't pulled the winning name out of the hat as yet,well because I'm always late and it shall be done,when young Angus gets home from building cubby house's , when i asked him to help me-he said mum,I'm building and i will be back later-i said back to him-how long is later.......

Thursday, October 16, 2008

october is my month-

HELLO and welcome,to my little world-so much is happening around here at fairy cake pond-that i just about forgot it was my month-after going to dinner at our miss Jessy opal's house for her birthday tea-i said oh my birthdays next-all my children,just looked at me and said, yea mum ,what ever-my mind thought, right that does it-I'm doing something-something wonderful-so here goes-on Sunday its my birthday, SO instead of me getting a present-I'm going to give 1 away-i have no idear what it shall be, but it will be a present from me- so im thinking that if im to give one of you darling dear friends this over the top present ,you just have to leave me a birthday wish-( you know like a happy birthday wish )and then i shall put all your names in the old black hat- i will pull the name out -on the night of Halloween -oh yes the night of Halloween sounds divine-i shall be dressed in my fairys dress with my white wings on-yes thats the perrrrr fect night to pull out the name of the present winner-kiss-kiss and have a great day on sunday 19 th as thats my day- singing and skipping love jo...

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Nothing beats a hot chocolate and a little cake-mmmmm-I've been thinking a lot lately -I'm living in a very good paddock-its green where i live-our children are happy-some ,well one of them is in deep love and she's got a new-well second had car-its black and has a CD player in it-now that's what i call a good girls car-music is a must-anyway going on holiday- with them all just made me so happy- just hearing them talk -laugh-even cry- made me think how lucky ,i am as being a mother-well being a mother-is a very big job-i watched young Angus -shopping with the Balinese shopkeepers-that was amazing ,he got all the money thing happening so fast-id just say to miss Jessy-i cant do it-and what are they telling me-young Angus would say mum get it together,well by the 2ND week of our holiday- i became a good shopper-we had some shoes made-so that was wonderful-i took my dc martins with me ,and had some made in aqua and red-i was so happy about that-swimming and laughing with my family in the surf was so much fun-miss Jessy and i drank cocktails with our dinner-and we ate fresh fruit for breakfast every day -and the one thing that -will never leave me-is the sent of fresh frangipani's-there where trees ever where-and the flowers would just float to the ground-id pick up hand fulls and go back to our room and fill the wash basin with water and the flowers would float -i don't think any one else did that, but what can i say-it gave me joy-anyway -so on the way home our flight took us to Sydney-Australia, so we stopped there for 3 days-we went for a swim at Bondi beach and the day was 35 in Temp-hot-really hot as hot as Bali-we walked and jumped on the oxford road bus- it was great ,went to the famous Paddington market on the Saturday morning-and then shopped ( well looked ) at Fleur Wood-(shop) very dreamy-jumped back on a plane and came home to fairy cake pond-with all we have done in the last 2 weeks home is my little world-i like being home-being a mother is hard work-no im just joking-i love it-i think having a family holiday was so much fun-mind you-jordy was driving around parts of Australia-,he's home now as well -my heart go's out to 4 young people and my mr Australia-

Monday, October 6, 2008

on holiday-

Hello- I'm sorry i haven't left any notes at your Blog worlds as I've been away on holiday with my over the top family-we went to sunny hot BALI, it was so much fun,our miss Jessy opal ,came with us and 35 other family friends-most of the children where from Angus's school-so that was great,we did so many things-but the food was something else,we had 2 rooms so it was like a second honeymoon -for Mr Australia and me-well sorta-i had to keep my eyes open ,as young Angus figured out how to ring up for room service,they where open 24-watching DVDs and eating pizza in the middle of the night was great fun-so I'm told-the best part was really ,just being with our family-i did get to ride an elephant-which just blow me away-they are so big and very beautiful-i swam in the ocean and sipped divine cocktails in pineapples-i shopped till i dropped with all the other girls-so that was great...we ate in the green lush forest of UBUD-that was a world of own-I'm going to try and save some money so we can go next year-on the way home we stopped of in Sydney-Australia ,so i did a little bit of shopping there ( looking)I'm home now and looking at the weeds in the garden, we will be very busy ,in the next few weeks-in November it will be time to plant the gigantic sun flowers- so id just love to say hello to you all- singing and skipping love Jo. p.s when i was having a ride on the Elephant-i did remember to put my raspberry lipstick on-poor Mr Australia,he was on the Elephant as well-and asked me cant that wait- i said oh no-you never no who we might meet......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i like magic eye candy-

OOOOOOhhhhhh,how id love this young girl to be a real fairy in my world,ssssssssshhhhh, she is....maybe she is.....
i love old painted coat hangers-this 1s got my faded tulle fairy's skirt hanging on it.......i think i must be getting ready to moon dance,yes i can feel it in the air....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

whispered words-

We held hands on the last night on earth.Our mouths filled with dust,we kissed in fields and under trees,screaming like dogs,bleeding dark into the leaves.It was empty on the edge of town but we knew everyone floated along the bottom of the river.So we walked though the waste where the road curved into the sea and the shattered seasons lay, and the bitter smell of burning was on you like a disease.In our cancer of passion you said '' Death is a midnight runner''.
by Jordan Aderson-

Friday, August 22, 2008

from the heart-

ooooohhhhhh, hello and welcome to my little world-
we live at a place called fairy cake pond.....lots of thing's happen- and we moon dance as well, play dress ups and sip lemonade while we munch on lilac fairy cake....... its a world ,where we grab butterfly nets to catch the night stars.its a place where we can pick all the flowers we want-its home and welcome....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

welcome to my little world.

hello darlings and welcome to fairy cake pond-I'm just about ready to make afternoon tea-would you like a cup of tea or a cup of coffee-what could we eat, maybe some divine little cup cakes-Ive haven't been doing muck lately,the days are just running by so fast-its like sweep your floors and make your beds and then trying to do school project-
i washed the white covers from the lounge chairs and that took 2 days for them to dry as remember we are still in winter-the blue bells are just popping there heads up ,so i cant wait to see what the will look like-
Jessy opals out in Melbourne to day with Mr Australia( her dad ) looking at girls cars....last weekend was young Angus's 11Th birthday party ,he had 17 children here and it was so much fun...do you know ,i love doing the party bags-he had a chocolate mud cake-from the shop and then i just prettied it up-lots of lemonade and party pies-yum yum-before they all say I'm hungry whats for tea-I'm just going to have a quick look around the blog world-
i hope every 1s well and having fun in your world -singing and skipping love 2 you-Jo.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ivan de tsarenzoon op grijze wolf.

i just love this-it so romamantic divine-the wolf is taking them to a safe place....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

playing house......

today was a wonderful day here at fairy cake pond-i had some candle's going and i made some wishes-
i played house,you know sweep your floors and make your beds kinda day and i let my new friend shanks help me with my flowers-
then i put the music of pink on and i just had to dance a swirl around the kitchen... its fun just being a little silly....
i then got out some divine little lanterns that i had ....oooohhh wow what a day-I'm of to bed ,but i must run and put my night cream on -sweet dreams-

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

just singing my heart out....

I've been listening to this song, by Neil young........
someone and someone were down by the pond,
looking for something to plant on the lawn,
out in the fields they were turning the soil,
i'm here hoping this water will boil,
when i look through the windows and out on the road,
they're bringing me presents and saying hello.
singing words-words between the lines of age
if i was a junkman selling your cars,
washing your windows and shining your stars,
thinking your mind was my own in a dream
what would you wonder and how would it seem?
living in castles a bit of a time
the king started laughing and talking in rhyme.
singing words- words between the lines of age........
im having so much fun with my 5 disc cd player-i just put in 5 diffrent cds and then i just start to sweep my floors and make my beds -yes i like playing house-i asked my dear dad if his jasmine was out flowering-so maybe tommorow i might go and get some to put in the vases -the smell of fresh jasmine is divine-today here at fairy cake pond it was sunny but very cold- i made little cakes for the boys play lunchs and now mr australia is going to light the fire ,oh i have to run its time for young angus's story before slumber-sweet dreams to you all ...singing and skipping love jo....