WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Friday, February 29, 2008

have a great weekend.

oh how did friday night get here-we at fairy cake pond are having jeremiahs birthday party- with about 16 lads- we are doing pizza's and lots of diet coke- i hope every 1 has the best weekend ever- love jo .

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

today was the best day.

mmmm-i do have story's- real and not some real- this 1 is real-well my little story-its long and I'm hoping it will be short- well this is from when i was 15- my best ya yas know this so here i go-when i was 15 years old -i was a surfie girl- any way i had just had my heart broken by my first boyfriend- it was all so sad - so me being me - he's best friend looked OK- mmmm-silly me- we decided to go for a surf -well he had a car- on the way to surf -we where in a car accident-it took me a year to learn to walk- i had my 16Th birthday in hospital- and some kind person gave me a stack of home magazines-now this is where my story really starts- in those magazines - where photos of people about there lives there homes and this is where the art side of me comes from- i read those magazines like they where my best friends- and while i had to stay in bed - i said to my self- remember i was 15 years old-I'm going to meet them 1 day-there was William white -he made recycled furniture and gorgeous mirror's with painted wings-mmm -and mirka Mora- who painted children and painted walls with birds -and she made dolls and painted there face's- wow-and then the last man was Greg Irvine- i haven't meet him as yet- but dreams do come true- just wish for them i had so much happening in my world- well my wish has been given to me today- id meet mirka mora- an other time my Mr Australia took me to meet her- but today i kissed her on the cheek and said thank you-you know our lives are so short - do dream they can come true- think good thoughts- be kind and never for get to put your lipstick on- singing and skipping love Jo.

Monday, February 25, 2008

playing house-

playing house-
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hello - im playing house -who needs a cup of tea- im about to make a pot- singing and skipping love jo.

ever been to a 14 year olds birthday tea.

hello every 1-welcome to my little world- well this is such a great day- our Jeremiah has turned 14 today -i took the young boys to school and then went food shopping- ya that was fun- no I'm joking - i went to buy all the yummy food for jem's birthday tea- on my way home i picked up nanna for a sleep over- she loves being with us- as the young 1s-that's what she calls them keep her happy- she gets Angus and jordy mixed up- 1s 10- the others 20- but she remembers jordy when he was 10- i just say don't worry- yes dear- then she will say are we having afternoon tea- id like a slice of cake- she really is my nan- gee i love that girl-age what is age- i still put nannas night cream on her when she comes for a sleep over-
yes life is good- anyway Jeremiahs birthday tea was good- i asked the children what was the score on tea -1 out of 10- Mr Australia said it has to be 10 or we want ever eat again- ya right- every one have fun love Jo.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

hello and welcome to my little world- its friday - happy friday every 1-im of to take my young boys to school- please have a fantastic weekend- singing and skipping love jo anderson.......

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy valentine's day-

oh when i woke up this morning the twin dolly's where getting all the valintine's day food ready- it made me smile- with lots of joy- as 1 of them must of got dresse so fast she forgot to put her undies on- i hope everyone has the best day ever- singing and skipping love jo.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sally told us

Sally told us
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just a very beautiful note- this is sally my dear sailor girl friend- we all went to her beautiful house yesterday for a champagne breakfast- and she gave us a talk about some of her collections- it was so fantastic- sally thankyou.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

sweet divine-

sweet divine-hello and welcome to my little world-im just going to make us a pot of tea, i will be back in a min-sit down and make your self at home.......

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

it all happen's at fairy cake pond.

hello and welcome to my little world- im about to share a pot of jasmine tea- would you like a cup-i went through some of my photos from last year and wow- i just love playing house-what more can i say- well lots-ive just put some music on and im making the beds and sweeping the floors- i will be back in a min- i have to go and put some more lip stick on-ive been down to the pond and its so beautiful- we have some dragonflys down there and there evey shade of blue- its magic-i think we are about to get some rain -which will be fantastic for us here as we need to fill our water tanks - we had the plumber here yesterday so now 1 of the water tanks has fresh water going into the kitchen -im so happy about that-jessica opal (our daughter) has been coming and going - i miss that she's not living here with us- but playing house with josh - well its fun-after all shes 22 years old- mmm- she will allways still be my little girl- but dont worry- she fills her car up with food and fresh clean towls , when she leaves to go home-but -in my heart when im doing tea ( dinner) there's 1 spare seat - i do miss her-angus and jeremiah are back at school-and my mr australia and jordy have been doing some more work around the place so things are getting done- oh i must write out a list for them -please tell me what you have all been doing- singing and skipping la la la love jo anderson.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

its sunday.

hello and welcome to my little world-im of today to have lunch at the sorrento sailing club- i know it all sounds very posh-im friends with a beautiful girl- named sally- and its her birthday-so i will be sipping lemonade in champagne glass-and eating what ever sailer girls eat- i hope every 1s haveing fun- oh and this is teddy - i made him a long time ago- but every time i walked past him - well he kinda called out to me- any way ive just feed him- yes ok- 1 of my fairy cakes- la la la love jo.