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Monday, February 25, 2008

ever been to a 14 year olds birthday tea.

hello every 1-welcome to my little world- well this is such a great day- our Jeremiah has turned 14 today -i took the young boys to school and then went food shopping- ya that was fun- no I'm joking - i went to buy all the yummy food for jem's birthday tea- on my way home i picked up nanna for a sleep over- she loves being with us- as the young 1s-that's what she calls them keep her happy- she gets Angus and jordy mixed up- 1s 10- the others 20- but she remembers jordy when he was 10- i just say don't worry- yes dear- then she will say are we having afternoon tea- id like a slice of cake- she really is my nan- gee i love that girl-age what is age- i still put nannas night cream on her when she comes for a sleep over-
yes life is good- anyway Jeremiahs birthday tea was good- i asked the children what was the score on tea -1 out of 10- Mr Australia said it has to be 10 or we want ever eat again- ya right- every one have fun love Jo.


Deb said...

Hello Jo
Happy Birthday to Jeremiah - what a fun birthday tea you had.

Lori said...

Hi Jo, Happy Birthday to Jeremiah:)
your Nana looks like a wonderful lady!!!

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Jo, Wishing Jeremiah a very Happy Birthday - looks like you all had great fun.
Your Nana is lovely.
Sandi x

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Jo, Happy 14th Birthday to Jem.
How sweet your Nan is. She's sitting there looking real proud.
Have a great week.

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Happy birthday Jeremiah. Two of my girls have birthdays in march so I had better get on with organising those too! Love the nose pic shot, theres always gotta be one of those doesnt there in the photo album lol
Alicia ~ time worn style

Lola Enchanted said...

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!!!!!!! Hello Jo! You look stunning in that photo! You always do though, don't you!!!!~

Christine said...

hello Jo,
oh how you all make me smile!
your happy family piled together with spoons on their noses,
this is what it's all about.
Family and love.
bless you all & have a bite of cake for me.