WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Sunday, December 30, 2007

welcome to our australian summer-

wow weeee- i have to tell you all summer has arrived here in Australia its heading up to 41 - it's like a heat wave-i went down to Kmart- to buy some bathers- well let me tell you all- well how hard is it for big girls-like me - to get anything- i found this pair of bathers- around the best price- $ 15.00 dollars- wow how good is that-Angie and i came home and we went under the sprinkler- it was a little heaven- i pulled out the bottles of bubbles- do tell me you have all had these- i love them- there like little bottles of happiness-i love it when you pull out the wand and you spin around and around and then it makes you so dizzy-and then you try so hard to stand up strait-don't tell every one - well i then had to sit down in the shade - when did i get to this age- aaaaahhhh- turn back the growing clock- no I'm joking- I'm me I'm happy in my little world with my man ( Mr Australia ) and my family- oh wait i can here the work truck coming in the drive -mmmm- run Angie- lets get ready for a water fight-its so hot- happy new year every one- I'm of for a vanilla ice cream la la la love Jo.

Friday, December 28, 2007

i believe in fairys.

i just have to tell you all how hot it is here at fairy cake pond-id say its heading up to 40-i feel like this divine( shes young ) women- just laying there - well I'm in my raspberry silky nightie-i think i might have to be very naughty and run under the sprinkler- yes that's what i might have to do-i would just love to thank you all for your friendships this year- Ive loved all your notes- the words - yes the words- keep ed my going- there are people like me out there- I'm so blown over by that- i love that you make or bake and you play house- you love old things- and vintage is so normal with you all-i love the way you dress- you just do your own thing- now that's living- please all have a happy and safe new years eve- love to you all la la la Jo Anderson. p.s don't forget to put your lipstick on-

Thursday, December 27, 2007

it seam's like I'm in a hurry- all the time- oh dear me - i need to sit down and make a pot of jasmine tea- a very big pot-the week going into Christmas day was going so fast- every second day i went to see if nanna needed me to help her- we just laugh and smile or i cry in the car on the way home-she asks if we can go out- and i have to trick her and say only if we shower first- when did i have to be the grown up-then i put her Lilly of the Vally cream on her beautiful hands- and of we go some where nice and i feed her up with her toasted sandwich-Christmas day was fantastic- Jessica opal and jordy and his girlfriend cat helped me non stop all day- and i had an uncle come down from Melbourne for a few hours to share lunch with us- Jeremiah and Angie- had a great day as shaddy Jessy's puppy came over as well-i hope every 1 had a fantastic Christmas day- love 2 you all la la la la love Jo Anderson- oh summers really here in Australia- I'm sitting here in my lime green sarong and raspberry lipstick-

Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas-

i would just love to dearly say -merry Christmas 2 you all , Angie has lite all the candles so Santa can find his way to fairy cake pond, all the animals have had extra hay in there beds up at the palace- i hope you all have a great Christmas day - may it be with family or friends - enjoy- love to you- Jo Anderson... p.s don't forget to put your lipstick on.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

ive been home playing house-

hello and welcome to my little world- I'm on my way out to Christmas carols-please have a great Friday night- la la la love Jo Anderson-

Sunday, December 9, 2007

going to melbourne.

well i can tell you all how bad i was- how deliciously naughty - when i went to Melbourne with 13 of my ya ya sisters ( best friends ) we all dressed up in 70s cloths and had crowns on- some of the girls where wearing plat form shoes-i don't know how they walked around all day & night in them-fun did we have fun- 1st of we went to a play called-PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT-Ive been told that you can hire it on DVD- it would be an art house movie-its so Australian- and the music- fantastic-when we arrived we went up to the bar and got the most divine margarita's in glass's that lit up- there where people every where- the funny thing is - well - people all keep ed smiling at us- people all thought we where of a movie set-as we where dressed up-every 1- just smiled at us all day- some of the girls had wedding offers- funny- we came out of the show- and i asked 1 of the people that worked there if we could go on stage- he said if you go out and down the lane you will see the cast from the show- of we went down the lane- and in that photo I'm with 1 of the actors- wow weee- how about that- and then the car of 5 girls that i was with went to a place called st kilda- we walking to Luna park-and through the town of st kilda people thought we where drag queens- I've never had so much fun- then we went to a sea side place called morning ton and sipped champagne till 2 in the morning- i can tell you all - i love my ya ya sisters-

Thursday, December 6, 2007

its time 2 play christmas time.

well in our house - its time to play Christmas-young Angie put up our lilac Christmas tree a few weeks ago and we have put some yummy things on it- i haven't been shopping as yet- for presents- i find that all a bit to much- I'm not to shore what others do- but as a small child Santa would fill up our pillow case , at the end of our beds-our family didn't have much money but lots of love -i do the same thing -but there pillow case's go under the tree so Mr Australia and i can see there faces- i love it- as Jessy opal still gets barbie dolls shes 22- and her josh comes over and has a pillow case with match box cars and boys things- he never had that in his family- everyone does different things-for breakfast -we eat cut up fruit- like watermelon and cantaloupe and we have very yummy chocolate milk shakes- well i have vanilla skinny milk - and then the cooking starts-i give our pets little presents, well our darling china wont be with us but i will think of him- and say out loud thank you for your friend ship- Christmas is all about family and friends - do tell what do you all do .

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

hand made with love.

it's started- well not very fast- i really do love this month-with family and friends, so i will just say- happy December 2 you all- i made this Santa a few years ago- at a work shop-the young boys keep saying 2 me, mum its 3 weeks away-mmmm-I've all ready had the school book list sent home for next year-I'm hopeing the twin Dolly's will let Santa in the fairy's door- I've heared them telling secrets-i hope they don't drink the reindeer's water- i hope every 1 has a nice time shopping for there treasures for there family and friends- that part gets a bit out of hand for me- we go 2 days before...any way I'm of 2 put my night cream on and make the young boys a warm Milo drink- sweet dream's-la la la love Jo.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

welcome to my little world.

oh , hello and welcome- we had rain last night which was fab for our water tanks- but the queen-Anne's-lace then needed to be cut back- this big arm full is going to sorrento's florist shop-the girls there love old fashioned flowers-the garden is so full of hollyhocks -rose's- the fruit walk is slow but by next year -it will be divine- the first female turtle is doing OK- in the pond- we have 2 more girls coming and a man turtle-I'm looking about for lots of waterlilies-so that will be something special, I'm about to make a pot of tea- do come over -i will just set the table- lilac fairy cake's any body-oh no there's no fairy cake's left the dolly's have gobbled them all up...singing and skipping love to you all -jo. p.s dont forget to put your lipstick on.....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

just singing and skipping-

hello and welcome to my little world-I'm just going to put the jug on to make a pot of tea-mmm -English breakfast or jasmine- you choose,the dolly's are all waiting for a cold glass of lemonade, and lilac fairy cake's- I've had a great few days- went to Melbourne on Monday with Jessy opal ( our daughter ) it was fantastic-we went to st kilda and port Melbourne- and just op shopped ( second hand shopping )she took me to this 1 shop in Richmond- and we got some really funky cloths- as I'm going to see the stage show of Priscilla queen of the desert-i think this might be on DVD-oh gosh its such a fun movie- for grown ups- my young Angie has seen it = well he just shakes his head- and Say's mum your out there-any way my dress is purple and green and black real 70's so i was thinking- now only thinking about putting a lilac color through my hair- has any 1 ever done that before- please do tell me about it-Ive been in the garden and have just chopped back the foxgloves so i can get to everything- I'm about to get some sunflower seeds-Mr Australia has just come home with the most divine thing you can ever see- a female turtle- he has 2 more females coming and 1 male- the girl has gone in to the pond- and when i sit a watch she puts her head up- i just say your come to a safe place my sweet-Jeremiah has asked for Saturday night if he can have some friends over for a sleep over- well 6 young men- well i will have to get heaps of food in for that night - then they hope to get up real early to go for a surf in flinders-oh sorry -I'm just having a sip of my jasmine tea-Ive been at home all day , just playing house- Ive had to fill up 1 of the water tanks- with bore water as we ran out-I'm still listening to patty griffin- after seeing her in Melbourne 2 weeks ago - i cant seem to get her music out of my head- i hope every ones well and if your sad I'm so sorry- have a fantastic day love Jo Anderson la la la ...p.s don't forget to put your lipstick on.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

dolly's anf fairy cake's....

well some how i have 2 photos of the Dolly's having cake- I'm on my way to Melbourne today with my miss Jessy- our daughter- i think she's taking me to st kilda and Albert park- oh she's just come in the drive - i hope you all have fun today- la la la love Jo

Saturday, November 17, 2007

christmas at the studio-

I'm just sitting here trying to take all my life in- the last 2 days have been so wonderful- I've been at the studio , in Victoria Australia- there are great big gum tress all around our stalls-my heart beats so fast- every 1s art work is so fantastic-they have worked on there art for 1 year-my Mr Australia - well i can't tell you how proud i am of my man- he was there for 2 days helping - not just me but my girl friend as well- don't worry- i kissed him good night and sweet dreams- and all those yummy thing-the people had smiles on there faces when they looked at the things that id made-i have more photo's but i just had to show you- the door handle on the door to the studio- it's real-1 of the girls is a glass blower- is that what you call her??- anyway in the studio - its wow so dreamy-she has vase's that hang of old wire- i can't tell you how divine these are-
1 girl names Julie - she did paintings -and the 1 I'm showing you was fantastic-super fantastic- in all my rush- i had the most overcome thing happen to me- Mr Australia and i went in to the city of Melbourne to see a girl- play- her name was PATTY GRIFFIN -this is what happens to me - my hand is - no both my hands are still on my heart- have you ever heard this girls music-mmmmm-i will not say 1 more word- well i will - id ask her to come and have fairy cake's and champagne with me - that's how good she is-oh I'm of to put my night cream on- I'm so sleepy-mmmmm- have a happy Saturday night- write soon - love Jo Anderson.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

They drank some of the Lemonade...

this young girl is coming with me on Friday- to Christmas at the studio- I'm really loving what I've been making- there unwanted thing under glass-love jo-

Sunday, November 11, 2007

oh christmas tree.....

well-I've been at home playing house- and loving it- yesterday young Angie said mummy what's in this big box- i said lets open it and have a look-well he was so surprised, as it was our -ok-ok- lilac Christmas tree-so he worked on putting it together- and wow weeee- its looking pretty good-i know its a bit early- but hay -welcome to my little world- i just had to show you all our foxgloves- it's a real fairy land- it's like count down for me at the moment as on Friday - its the Christmas at the studio day-I'm not ready- but I'm going to go and just have fun- now i do have a few -thank you's- Donna o- mmmm- you inspired me- with your words about Christmas- Ive started on some decorations- and Ive sorta meet this girl on blog world- id never seen her world before- Pandora's parlor- have i had my eye's closed- wow- i wish we could all have a fairy's tea party...la la la.love Jo.

Friday, November 9, 2007

after-noon tea.

hello and welcome to my little world-I'm sorry i haven't written to you all- as I've been so busy trying- well yes trying very hard to get things made for next Friday - with Christmas at the studio- I'm with nanna about 3 times a week- so that's the best time to just laugh lots and smile- and be glad - she's sitting there with me-i just thought some of you darling friends might like to come and sit and share a pot of tea- oh and fairy cakes-i hope your all well- i saw that Lori has snow- wow - here we are going into summer- I'm up real early in the mornings to water our foxgloves and queen Anne's lace- oh I'm of to put more lipstick on.la la la love Jo Anderson.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

im just thinking......

remember I'm just sitting here for a min- thinking- oh about what -you ask-hello and welcome to my little world- how fast do the days go by... I've been away camping in our caravan with Mr Australia and our young boys- it was at a place called Phillip Island- Victoria - Australia- if you have a world atlas -oh please look it up-this is what i love about the flickr and blog world- you see new places-any way i thought id share lunch with you all- came in sit down i will get you a plate-im so busy with helping nanna- oh im loving it- we talk and drink coffee- and smile and laugh a real lot-and im so busy making things for next friday and sat-im really not ready- so whats new -im happy as jessy opals done some of her tea shirts- mind you i havnt seen them as yet- there at her house.... id just like to thank some 1- yes you miss Lauren- i miss all our notes, i hope your world is all happy and well-lori - are you there- hello darling girl- oh there are so many to say hello 2- so hello- fred from fredsworld- put more lip gloss on- no im jokeing- i did ask him once to not forget to put his lipstick on-i hope every 1s happy- im of to finish cooking tea... la la la.love jo anderson

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm so happy to be part of Christmas at the studio- Ive been working on my altered art ( not ) and my unwanted jewellery- for a little while- so its all going to happen really soon- Mr Australia has to come and help me for the 2 days - i love to set up the stall- i do it like a vintage sorta shop- but under a we tent-all my manniquins come out of our house - and they help fill the tent up with there sweet smiles-i need them so i can show my jewellery-im look ing for something a little out there to wear- mmm thats not hard...its so much fun- some of the girls are so like me- it takes a year to get all the beautiful things made... and a lot of them are 1 of's. which is really good-my world is sorta spining at the moment with jessy opal- moving in with josh her boy friend- but we said go and play house.. im now helping to look after my nanna who ive just found out is 92- wow weeee-it give's me so much joy- i think ive drank so many cups of coffee- not at her house but the local coffee shop- oh ive got to run and get the young boys from school- oh yes- happy friday night- about the vintage dress????? love jo anderson la la la singing and skipping.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

fairy cake circus.

well hello to all you beautiful blogger people-I'm so sorry i haven't been around to have a cup of tea with you all ,my world has been spinning ever since my 45 th birthday-I've had my darling Jessy move out of home for the 2ND time in 2 months- as you may remember she went to Melbourne- that lasted 1 whole week-its all to much to tell- anyway Jessy and her boyfriend have moved out again - down near where Angie goes to school and just 5 Min's from Jessy's work at a place ( town ) called sorrento- so all is well and set up there- I've been and filled her house up with fresh flowers-and i took my darling nanna -who is 89 years old and my dear dad- to visit- well dad dropped a bomb on me- i was glad its taken him 6 years to ask for help- I'm now helping to look after nanna- I'm so happy about that- so I've told him that i will be there 2 mornings or 2 days a week- its very hard as i have to help nanna shower- well - I've never done any home help before -so in the end we just laughed so much, then we cry ed- i can tell you all- in the end she was in and out of that shower so fast -then we both looked at each other and smiled- I'm going to give it 100 & 1000s percent- my nanna looked after me full time from when i was 11 years old-life is good- I'm going away for the long weekend as its Melbourne cup- very big horse race weekend- I'm going to go surfing with Mr Australia and our young boys-Jody's home to look after our pets but franks going to makebelives house for a holiday as i like him to have 2 small meals a day-Ive told Jody no party's- (ya right)oh can you all wait 1 min - i can hear some one at our glass front doors- there's somebody knocking-oh I'm coming- who's there- oh hello darlings - may i help you all- why yes where the fairy cake circus and where have come for after noon tea- well come in....la la la ( welcome to my little world. )

Thursday, October 18, 2007


welcome to my little world- well to day i did in deed feel a little like Alice in wonderland- Lauren- how do you do it-i did try to climb down in to the rabbit hole, well that didn't happen i can tell you so i decided to just be me- after all it is my birthday and on one's birthday they can do -yes do amazing things- well the days not over just yet- my young boys are just starting to come in after school, Mr Australia thought it was very funny when he told the boys to pretend its not my birthday- just see what mum does...well that was at breakfast time- i can tell you all- i did burn there toast and i put so much Vegemite on that they just keep looking at me as to say what-any way Angie gave in a said with his arms around me - mummy happy birthday your the best- yea right- he only wanted a good feed up-its funny isn't it- well then they all said it- you know the words of happy birthday- all that sorta thing???i remember when nanna once said to me you will turn 18 soon ,i thought that would never happen- well look now im 45 today- my family will all be here to night which will be fantastic- lots of cake and sips of champagne for the grown ups lemonade for the young boys- hay they might even take me out for tea- ya ya - happy october.. sweet divine.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

found and safe.

found and safe.
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mmm- robin the bird-

Saturday, October 13, 2007


oh hello, welcome to my little world- I'm back and Ive decided i needed color in my blog world- October is the best month out of all the months for me- now - OK , it is my birth month and its happy October for so many girls- even our Jessica opal has has had her birthday on the 9Th, now you know why her middle names opal-mmm - its Octobers birth stone-now Fred from fredsworld- happy anytime to you- yesterday was a funny little day here in spring time Australia- young Angie had a sleep over on Friday night and on Saturday morning- i had a knock on the back door- sorta like this- knock knock- yes I'm coming- well it was our not so happy next door neighbor-I'm there just smiling as you would all do- any way my young Angie and his tomboy ( girls) friends - well they sorta broke of some of his lower tree branches, any way this is what he said to me- I'm sorta smiling by now- i think i had some pixies down the back paddock last night- mmm did you- yes they have stripped my tress bare- any way young Angie then said in his boys voice- mum i made a circle of Branch's to make a fairy ring-he thought the young girls would like to see 1 being made- ( in my mind - i was thinking , yes i would like to make 1 as well) i looked at our neighbor and just smiled and said you didn't stand in side the circle- he looked at me and he just said .............la la la - im of to put my raspberry lip stick on - enjoy your day.......

Thursday, October 11, 2007

unwanted jewellery.

oh,hello and welcome to my little world, Mr Australia and i have just finished doing home work with Angie, we have put him to bed with a little story- well 2 pages from the children's book- Milly-molly-Mandy-i just love that little girl, with her red and white striped dress, it was the pages of when they where in the tree house having afternoon tea, I've been in my Edwardian garden today, i took frank out side with me ( franks our pet rat )our foxgloves are so big,the pond is just about full, and at night i open our bedroom window and just listen to the frogs,i have been doing some of my unwanted jewellery,as i have to keep making heaps of things for my stall in November,now you just have to remember that Australia's not ready for me as an artist,but i love to cut and paste,anyway this is 1 of my unwanted necklaces- i thought id just show you what I'm about, deep down, i really just love being a mummy and playing house, well and making a mess, oh ya and collecting,la la la mmmmmm- I'm thinking about, well I'm thinking- about making Christmas stockings out of really old blankets-vintage pearl beads and tattered lace from an old wedding dress.... yes that does sound very nice. p.s wait to you see my Christmas tree- guess what color it is mmmm-

Monday, October 8, 2007

life's to short lets have some fun....well today's 1 of those days- 22 years ago , my first baby popped its head in to this real world of ours- oh yes today's my miss Jessica opals 22 ND birthday....so tonight it a big roast for tea and heaps of veggies....i have an ice cream cake and lots of musk sticks. all will be home . I'm so sorry about my blog world fading away like that, its funny really, i asked jordy to wipe something of, he wiped the whole blog of,any way i lost 6 months of - sorta like my sole,its like words from my heart, but anyway no body's hurt, its only words- and life is fun, i hope all is well in your blog worlds , spring has come my way , so i will show you are garden soon as the foxgloves are opening up again...la.la.la.love Jo Anderson. mmmm- I'm thinking about a tattered white birds cage full of yellow canary's, oh yes that sounds divine.

Friday, October 5, 2007

welcome to my little world.

oh please don't ask, id just love to say to you - welcome to my little world- I'm starting all over again,I've lost everything on my blog- little fingers , helped me out, la la la id just like to say please have a fantastic week end , and don't forget to put you lipstick on la la la love Jo Anderson....i will not give up- your name 's will be put down the side of my blog world again- any one for a glass of champagne and a fairy cake.