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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

fairy cake circus.

well hello to all you beautiful blogger people-I'm so sorry i haven't been around to have a cup of tea with you all ,my world has been spinning ever since my 45 th birthday-I've had my darling Jessy move out of home for the 2ND time in 2 months- as you may remember she went to Melbourne- that lasted 1 whole week-its all to much to tell- anyway Jessy and her boyfriend have moved out again - down near where Angie goes to school and just 5 Min's from Jessy's work at a place ( town ) called sorrento- so all is well and set up there- I've been and filled her house up with fresh flowers-and i took my darling nanna -who is 89 years old and my dear dad- to visit- well dad dropped a bomb on me- i was glad its taken him 6 years to ask for help- I'm now helping to look after nanna- I'm so happy about that- so I've told him that i will be there 2 mornings or 2 days a week- its very hard as i have to help nanna shower- well - I've never done any home help before -so in the end we just laughed so much, then we cry ed- i can tell you all- in the end she was in and out of that shower so fast -then we both looked at each other and smiled- I'm going to give it 100 & 1000s percent- my nanna looked after me full time from when i was 11 years old-life is good- I'm going away for the long weekend as its Melbourne cup- very big horse race weekend- I'm going to go surfing with Mr Australia and our young boys-Jody's home to look after our pets but franks going to makebelives house for a holiday as i like him to have 2 small meals a day-Ive told Jody no party's- (ya right)oh can you all wait 1 min - i can hear some one at our glass front doors- there's somebody knocking-oh I'm coming- who's there- oh hello darlings - may i help you all- why yes where the fairy cake circus and where have come for after noon tea- well come in....la la la ( welcome to my little world. )


Lori said...

hello sweet Jo!!! so good of you to help out with your nanna, i hope she is well...i am just loving those gorgeous slippers you have pictured, they are quite lovely...you sound so busy, i guess you are the juggler at the circus? how do you keep all the balls in the air while eating fairy cakes...

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello lovely~I'm soo happy to see you here! I have missed your posting! You are a sweet dear to take care of nanna.. My mother takes care of people like that.. She's an angel too! Like you!!! Have fun this weekend! Do have fun! I'll be by for tea later!!! oh and fairy cake.. YUMMM

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Jo,
Hope your dear nanna is well. Enjoy your weekend and come on over for tea and cakes when you return. Love those gorgeous slippers and the dolls too.

Sandra Evertson said...

Happy HallowAustrailianween!
Sandra Evertson

Rosemary said...

Hello Jo,
I've missed you. You are a wonderful person, to take care of your nanna. I'm sure she loves that you are helping her.
What a sweetie you are.
Have a fariy cake for me.
Visit me soon,

lauren said...

Hello my friend Jo, I'm happy for you that you get to help out with your dear Nanna who was there for you when you walked through the garden gates. It will be hard, I'm sure, but you love her so that I'm sure it will be a joy for you to spend this time with her.

Everything in your world still looks as lovely as ever!


JuliaRose said...

Hi Again,
WHere did you get those shoes????!!!!>>>DElicious...