WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

fairy cake circus.

well hello to all you beautiful blogger people-I'm so sorry i haven't been around to have a cup of tea with you all ,my world has been spinning ever since my 45 th birthday-I've had my darling Jessy move out of home for the 2ND time in 2 months- as you may remember she went to Melbourne- that lasted 1 whole week-its all to much to tell- anyway Jessy and her boyfriend have moved out again - down near where Angie goes to school and just 5 Min's from Jessy's work at a place ( town ) called sorrento- so all is well and set up there- I've been and filled her house up with fresh flowers-and i took my darling nanna -who is 89 years old and my dear dad- to visit- well dad dropped a bomb on me- i was glad its taken him 6 years to ask for help- I'm now helping to look after nanna- I'm so happy about that- so I've told him that i will be there 2 mornings or 2 days a week- its very hard as i have to help nanna shower- well - I've never done any home help before -so in the end we just laughed so much, then we cry ed- i can tell you all- in the end she was in and out of that shower so fast -then we both looked at each other and smiled- I'm going to give it 100 & 1000s percent- my nanna looked after me full time from when i was 11 years old-life is good- I'm going away for the long weekend as its Melbourne cup- very big horse race weekend- I'm going to go surfing with Mr Australia and our young boys-Jody's home to look after our pets but franks going to makebelives house for a holiday as i like him to have 2 small meals a day-Ive told Jody no party's- (ya right)oh can you all wait 1 min - i can hear some one at our glass front doors- there's somebody knocking-oh I'm coming- who's there- oh hello darlings - may i help you all- why yes where the fairy cake circus and where have come for after noon tea- well come in....la la la ( welcome to my little world. )

Thursday, October 18, 2007


welcome to my little world- well to day i did in deed feel a little like Alice in wonderland- Lauren- how do you do it-i did try to climb down in to the rabbit hole, well that didn't happen i can tell you so i decided to just be me- after all it is my birthday and on one's birthday they can do -yes do amazing things- well the days not over just yet- my young boys are just starting to come in after school, Mr Australia thought it was very funny when he told the boys to pretend its not my birthday- just see what mum does...well that was at breakfast time- i can tell you all- i did burn there toast and i put so much Vegemite on that they just keep looking at me as to say what-any way Angie gave in a said with his arms around me - mummy happy birthday your the best- yea right- he only wanted a good feed up-its funny isn't it- well then they all said it- you know the words of happy birthday- all that sorta thing???i remember when nanna once said to me you will turn 18 soon ,i thought that would never happen- well look now im 45 today- my family will all be here to night which will be fantastic- lots of cake and sips of champagne for the grown ups lemonade for the young boys- hay they might even take me out for tea- ya ya - happy october.. sweet divine.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

found and safe.

found and safe.
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mmm- robin the bird-

Saturday, October 13, 2007


oh hello, welcome to my little world- I'm back and Ive decided i needed color in my blog world- October is the best month out of all the months for me- now - OK , it is my birth month and its happy October for so many girls- even our Jessica opal has has had her birthday on the 9Th, now you know why her middle names opal-mmm - its Octobers birth stone-now Fred from fredsworld- happy anytime to you- yesterday was a funny little day here in spring time Australia- young Angie had a sleep over on Friday night and on Saturday morning- i had a knock on the back door- sorta like this- knock knock- yes I'm coming- well it was our not so happy next door neighbor-I'm there just smiling as you would all do- any way my young Angie and his tomboy ( girls) friends - well they sorta broke of some of his lower tree branches, any way this is what he said to me- I'm sorta smiling by now- i think i had some pixies down the back paddock last night- mmm did you- yes they have stripped my tress bare- any way young Angie then said in his boys voice- mum i made a circle of Branch's to make a fairy ring-he thought the young girls would like to see 1 being made- ( in my mind - i was thinking , yes i would like to make 1 as well) i looked at our neighbor and just smiled and said you didn't stand in side the circle- he looked at me and he just said .............la la la - im of to put my raspberry lip stick on - enjoy your day.......

Thursday, October 11, 2007

unwanted jewellery.

oh,hello and welcome to my little world, Mr Australia and i have just finished doing home work with Angie, we have put him to bed with a little story- well 2 pages from the children's book- Milly-molly-Mandy-i just love that little girl, with her red and white striped dress, it was the pages of when they where in the tree house having afternoon tea, I've been in my Edwardian garden today, i took frank out side with me ( franks our pet rat )our foxgloves are so big,the pond is just about full, and at night i open our bedroom window and just listen to the frogs,i have been doing some of my unwanted jewellery,as i have to keep making heaps of things for my stall in November,now you just have to remember that Australia's not ready for me as an artist,but i love to cut and paste,anyway this is 1 of my unwanted necklaces- i thought id just show you what I'm about, deep down, i really just love being a mummy and playing house, well and making a mess, oh ya and collecting,la la la mmmmmm- I'm thinking about, well I'm thinking- about making Christmas stockings out of really old blankets-vintage pearl beads and tattered lace from an old wedding dress.... yes that does sound very nice. p.s wait to you see my Christmas tree- guess what color it is mmmm-

Monday, October 8, 2007

life's to short lets have some fun....well today's 1 of those days- 22 years ago , my first baby popped its head in to this real world of ours- oh yes today's my miss Jessica opals 22 ND birthday....so tonight it a big roast for tea and heaps of veggies....i have an ice cream cake and lots of musk sticks. all will be home . I'm so sorry about my blog world fading away like that, its funny really, i asked jordy to wipe something of, he wiped the whole blog of,any way i lost 6 months of - sorta like my sole,its like words from my heart, but anyway no body's hurt, its only words- and life is fun, i hope all is well in your blog worlds , spring has come my way , so i will show you are garden soon as the foxgloves are opening up again...la.la.la.love Jo Anderson. mmmm- I'm thinking about a tattered white birds cage full of yellow canary's, oh yes that sounds divine.

Friday, October 5, 2007

welcome to my little world.

oh please don't ask, id just love to say to you - welcome to my little world- I'm starting all over again,I've lost everything on my blog- little fingers , helped me out, la la la id just like to say please have a fantastic week end , and don't forget to put you lipstick on la la la love Jo Anderson....i will not give up- your name 's will be put down the side of my blog world again- any one for a glass of champagne and a fairy cake.