WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Sunday, December 30, 2007

welcome to our australian summer-

wow weeee- i have to tell you all summer has arrived here in Australia its heading up to 41 - it's like a heat wave-i went down to Kmart- to buy some bathers- well let me tell you all- well how hard is it for big girls-like me - to get anything- i found this pair of bathers- around the best price- $ 15.00 dollars- wow how good is that-Angie and i came home and we went under the sprinkler- it was a little heaven- i pulled out the bottles of bubbles- do tell me you have all had these- i love them- there like little bottles of happiness-i love it when you pull out the wand and you spin around and around and then it makes you so dizzy-and then you try so hard to stand up strait-don't tell every one - well i then had to sit down in the shade - when did i get to this age- aaaaahhhh- turn back the growing clock- no I'm joking- I'm me I'm happy in my little world with my man ( Mr Australia ) and my family- oh wait i can here the work truck coming in the drive -mmmm- run Angie- lets get ready for a water fight-its so hot- happy new year every one- I'm of for a vanilla ice cream la la la love Jo.

Friday, December 28, 2007

i believe in fairys.

i just have to tell you all how hot it is here at fairy cake pond-id say its heading up to 40-i feel like this divine( shes young ) women- just laying there - well I'm in my raspberry silky nightie-i think i might have to be very naughty and run under the sprinkler- yes that's what i might have to do-i would just love to thank you all for your friendships this year- Ive loved all your notes- the words - yes the words- keep ed my going- there are people like me out there- I'm so blown over by that- i love that you make or bake and you play house- you love old things- and vintage is so normal with you all-i love the way you dress- you just do your own thing- now that's living- please all have a happy and safe new years eve- love to you all la la la Jo Anderson. p.s don't forget to put your lipstick on-

Thursday, December 27, 2007

it seam's like I'm in a hurry- all the time- oh dear me - i need to sit down and make a pot of jasmine tea- a very big pot-the week going into Christmas day was going so fast- every second day i went to see if nanna needed me to help her- we just laugh and smile or i cry in the car on the way home-she asks if we can go out- and i have to trick her and say only if we shower first- when did i have to be the grown up-then i put her Lilly of the Vally cream on her beautiful hands- and of we go some where nice and i feed her up with her toasted sandwich-Christmas day was fantastic- Jessica opal and jordy and his girlfriend cat helped me non stop all day- and i had an uncle come down from Melbourne for a few hours to share lunch with us- Jeremiah and Angie- had a great day as shaddy Jessy's puppy came over as well-i hope every 1 had a fantastic Christmas day- love 2 you all la la la la love Jo Anderson- oh summers really here in Australia- I'm sitting here in my lime green sarong and raspberry lipstick-

Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas-

i would just love to dearly say -merry Christmas 2 you all , Angie has lite all the candles so Santa can find his way to fairy cake pond, all the animals have had extra hay in there beds up at the palace- i hope you all have a great Christmas day - may it be with family or friends - enjoy- love to you- Jo Anderson... p.s don't forget to put your lipstick on.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

ive been home playing house-

hello and welcome to my little world- I'm on my way out to Christmas carols-please have a great Friday night- la la la love Jo Anderson-

Sunday, December 9, 2007

going to melbourne.

well i can tell you all how bad i was- how deliciously naughty - when i went to Melbourne with 13 of my ya ya sisters ( best friends ) we all dressed up in 70s cloths and had crowns on- some of the girls where wearing plat form shoes-i don't know how they walked around all day & night in them-fun did we have fun- 1st of we went to a play called-PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT-Ive been told that you can hire it on DVD- it would be an art house movie-its so Australian- and the music- fantastic-when we arrived we went up to the bar and got the most divine margarita's in glass's that lit up- there where people every where- the funny thing is - well - people all keep ed smiling at us- people all thought we where of a movie set-as we where dressed up-every 1- just smiled at us all day- some of the girls had wedding offers- funny- we came out of the show- and i asked 1 of the people that worked there if we could go on stage- he said if you go out and down the lane you will see the cast from the show- of we went down the lane- and in that photo I'm with 1 of the actors- wow weee- how about that- and then the car of 5 girls that i was with went to a place called st kilda- we walking to Luna park-and through the town of st kilda people thought we where drag queens- I've never had so much fun- then we went to a sea side place called morning ton and sipped champagne till 2 in the morning- i can tell you all - i love my ya ya sisters-

Thursday, December 6, 2007

its time 2 play christmas time.

well in our house - its time to play Christmas-young Angie put up our lilac Christmas tree a few weeks ago and we have put some yummy things on it- i haven't been shopping as yet- for presents- i find that all a bit to much- I'm not to shore what others do- but as a small child Santa would fill up our pillow case , at the end of our beds-our family didn't have much money but lots of love -i do the same thing -but there pillow case's go under the tree so Mr Australia and i can see there faces- i love it- as Jessy opal still gets barbie dolls shes 22- and her josh comes over and has a pillow case with match box cars and boys things- he never had that in his family- everyone does different things-for breakfast -we eat cut up fruit- like watermelon and cantaloupe and we have very yummy chocolate milk shakes- well i have vanilla skinny milk - and then the cooking starts-i give our pets little presents, well our darling china wont be with us but i will think of him- and say out loud thank you for your friend ship- Christmas is all about family and friends - do tell what do you all do .

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

hand made with love.

it's started- well not very fast- i really do love this month-with family and friends, so i will just say- happy December 2 you all- i made this Santa a few years ago- at a work shop-the young boys keep saying 2 me, mum its 3 weeks away-mmmm-I've all ready had the school book list sent home for next year-I'm hopeing the twin Dolly's will let Santa in the fairy's door- I've heared them telling secrets-i hope they don't drink the reindeer's water- i hope every 1 has a nice time shopping for there treasures for there family and friends- that part gets a bit out of hand for me- we go 2 days before...any way I'm of 2 put my night cream on and make the young boys a warm Milo drink- sweet dream's-la la la love Jo.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

welcome to my little world.

oh , hello and welcome- we had rain last night which was fab for our water tanks- but the queen-Anne's-lace then needed to be cut back- this big arm full is going to sorrento's florist shop-the girls there love old fashioned flowers-the garden is so full of hollyhocks -rose's- the fruit walk is slow but by next year -it will be divine- the first female turtle is doing OK- in the pond- we have 2 more girls coming and a man turtle-I'm looking about for lots of waterlilies-so that will be something special, I'm about to make a pot of tea- do come over -i will just set the table- lilac fairy cake's any body-oh no there's no fairy cake's left the dolly's have gobbled them all up...singing and skipping love to you all -jo. p.s dont forget to put your lipstick on.....