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Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas-

i would just love to dearly say -merry Christmas 2 you all , Angie has lite all the candles so Santa can find his way to fairy cake pond, all the animals have had extra hay in there beds up at the palace- i hope you all have a great Christmas day - may it be with family or friends - enjoy- love to you- Jo Anderson... p.s don't forget to put your lipstick on.


Pinkie Denise said...

Merry Christmas Jo and I am wearing my lipstick Pinkie

zUzU said...

.::wishing::. to each of you
(& to those at faeriecake pond)

. :: a :: Merry :: Merry :: MAGICAL :: day :: .
... one as special as you make each of ours.

=^..^= love, zU

Sandra Evertson said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Sandra Evertson

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones Jo. I'm wearing my very bright pink lipstick today.

Rosemary said...

You have a Merry Christmas too Jo.

Lori said...

Merry Christmas Sweet Jo!!!

your santa is beautiful:)

Tina said...

Hey Jo, hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I have been a reader of your blog for some time now, and just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me. Love your style.

SweetAnnee said...

Hi my
friend..what a sweetie
in the bit too big Santa Suit
Happy New year
got my pretty in pink
lipstick on today!!