WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Saturday, November 17, 2007

christmas at the studio-

I'm just sitting here trying to take all my life in- the last 2 days have been so wonderful- I've been at the studio , in Victoria Australia- there are great big gum tress all around our stalls-my heart beats so fast- every 1s art work is so fantastic-they have worked on there art for 1 year-my Mr Australia - well i can't tell you how proud i am of my man- he was there for 2 days helping - not just me but my girl friend as well- don't worry- i kissed him good night and sweet dreams- and all those yummy thing-the people had smiles on there faces when they looked at the things that id made-i have more photo's but i just had to show you- the door handle on the door to the studio- it's real-1 of the girls is a glass blower- is that what you call her??- anyway in the studio - its wow so dreamy-she has vase's that hang of old wire- i can't tell you how divine these are-
1 girl names Julie - she did paintings -and the 1 I'm showing you was fantastic-super fantastic- in all my rush- i had the most overcome thing happen to me- Mr Australia and i went in to the city of Melbourne to see a girl- play- her name was PATTY GRIFFIN -this is what happens to me - my hand is - no both my hands are still on my heart- have you ever heard this girls music-mmmmm-i will not say 1 more word- well i will - id ask her to come and have fairy cake's and champagne with me - that's how good she is-oh I'm of to put my night cream on- I'm so sleepy-mmmmm- have a happy Saturday night- write soon - love Jo Anderson.


Lori said...

gorgeous pictures Jo...your goodies look so very wonderful!! and i see your sweet mr australia peeking out of the corner of that picture!!

Donna O'Brien said...

That door handle is very cool and your art looks splendid. But mr. Australia takes the cake. A Fairy Cake!!

Rosemary said...

Fantastic Jo!! That door handle is amazing.
Everything is great!

Lola Enchanted said...

Oh my goodness!! What a lovely 2 days you've had! I adore your pictures!!!! I absolutely LOVE your lampshade food covers!!!! So delightful!!!! Boy, days like this I wish I lived in Australia!!!! Jo would be my bestest friend!!!!! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!~thanks for sharing!!!!!~

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello, had to drop back by and let you know your fairy cakes look absolutely delicious!!!!!! Very pretty! Almost to pretty to eat!!! Almost!!!!!!~

Lola Enchanted said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!