WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Thursday, October 16, 2008

october is my month-

HELLO and welcome,to my little world-so much is happening around here at fairy cake pond-that i just about forgot it was my month-after going to dinner at our miss Jessy opal's house for her birthday tea-i said oh my birthdays next-all my children,just looked at me and said, yea mum ,what ever-my mind thought, right that does it-I'm doing something-something wonderful-so here goes-on Sunday its my birthday, SO instead of me getting a present-I'm going to give 1 away-i have no idear what it shall be, but it will be a present from me- so im thinking that if im to give one of you darling dear friends this over the top present ,you just have to leave me a birthday wish-( you know like a happy birthday wish )and then i shall put all your names in the old black hat- i will pull the name out -on the night of Halloween -oh yes the night of Halloween sounds divine-i shall be dressed in my fairys dress with my white wings on-yes thats the perrrrr fect night to pull out the name of the present winner-kiss-kiss and have a great day on sunday 19 th as thats my day- singing and skipping love jo...


Lori said...

hi Jo:) i hope you have a lovely birthday full of love, wishes come true and lots and lots of fairy cake!!!

Lola Enchanted said...


My wish for you is:

I wish for all of your dreams to come true! I wish that the fairies come out and dance with you under the moon!!!!!~

Enjoy your birthday!!!!!

Sweetina said...

Hi Jo!
I wish you a Birthday filled with
beautifully scented Spring flowers,cornflower blue skies and twinkling sunshine,pink cupcakes and delicious fairycake and glitter.And the company of your hubby,children,pets topped with a sparkling rainbow!
May all your Birthday wishes come true!
~Happiest Birthday to you~

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Happy birthday for Sunday! The day of the sun, I'm sure you'll shine brighter than he will on the special day!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Oh I forgot the wish- how much do I pay attention! :D

On your birthday may you see
a pixie in a almond tree
a faery twinkle
in everyone's eye
a warmth in all hearts
from hi to goodbye.


suzeeez said...

Hi Jo ... Boy ,your blogs always make me smile when I read them . I think you are an October Fairy that was sent here to make people laugh and also to make them remember to have fun in their own lives .

PS ... I love the little door in the wall for that little person to walk through so they can make a little home in your wall .
Smiles...... Sue

suzeeez said...

Oh !!.... And.... " Happy Birthday Dear Jo !! ...Happy Birthday Dearest JO !!!... Happy Happy Birthday at Fairy Cake Pond ~~~~~~
Happy Birthday To You !!!!
Keep Smiling Jo .... :o)

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Happy, happy birthday, Jo!! You look so lovely smiling in that photo with your sweet little dog!! Wishing you a magical birthday at Fairy Cake Pond!! (I suspect every day is a magical day at Fairy Cake Pond!) :) Enjoy your fairy cake!!
Michelle xoxo

Deb said...

Hello Jo
*HAPPY BIRTHDAY* May all your Wishes come true.
I am also having a little Giveaway to Celebrate 2 years of blogging - stop by & add your name :-)

Sandy Mastroni said...

love your photo of the little doll's door and furniture
love ALL your photos !!!!!
Happy Birthday !
I wish you happiness all the time
because you make all of us smile

Miss Maddie's said...

Happy Birthday Jo from way across the sea,
May your day be filled with joy and lots of little fairies!

Donell said...

Happiest of birthdays to you. You and your doggy look divine!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

the happiest of happy birthdays to you sweetie!! Hope you had a magnificent day, I'm sure your family made it a wonderful day for you :0))
Alicia ~ time worn style

Katie Runnels said...

Happy Lovely Birthday to sweet you!!
I'm so happy I found your blog! Have a wonderful day! xoxo

Diane said...

Jo, Happy Birthday Beautiful One... What a fun idea and I just can't wait for you to pick the winner I sure hope it is me (:
Hugs Happy Happy Year,

Carol said...

May you find great joy on your special day in that dreamy Fairy Cake Pond. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderland with those of us so far away.

Carol Casey
San Antonio, Texas

Alison Gibbs said...

HI jo hope you had a wonderful birthday.
Sorry i missed it but I have been sitting at the hospital all day with my Dad since Thursday night and am just catching up on a few of my favourite people.

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Fairy Wishes to you Jo and may all your dreams come true.
Sandi :)

RowanDevoe said...

Happy Birthday Little Jo! And, Happy Birthday to your sweet girl Jessie Opal as well! This is the birthday month of my twin and me as well so we are all related of course!

My wish for you is that you and yours are always happy and healthy and that you are surrounded by the people, and things you love so you can always have dress up parties! Someday I hope to visit you at the Fairy Cake Pond!

queenannslace said...

Belated Birthday wishes.
Hopefully will to catch up with you if you are going to your usual Friday place...let me know

Ulla said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU QUEEN OF FAIRIES YOU! (here's a little secret... october is my birthday month too...) How can one not be happy this time of year? LOVE the photo of you and pooch!

JuliaRose said...

Many hugs and best wishes for your birthday...I hope you enjoy it in your fabulous way!!!...xx

vivian said...

well jo, i wouldnt want to miss another chance to send you birthday wishes! so happy happy birthday to you dear!! I hope you had a wonderful marvelous super awesome day!
oh.. love your dog by the way!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

"A VERY Happy Birthday Jo!"
Have a wonderful day full of surprises, fairy cakes and visits from the little people....
Love to you,

PS: Love the tiny fairy door in your wall! Has your doggy noticed you have a vistor?!

Beverly Kaye Gallery said...

How I wish I were at the Bunny Rabbit Birthday table, eating that delicious cake, resting on those gorgeous pillows, and wishing you a very happy Birthday!

Mary said...

October is a magical month! Happiest of birthdays to you.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is twinkling!

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hello, Thankyou so much for stopping by. Wow you are very stylish in the photograph, I adore your umbrella, and a doggy in a top hat....well what can I say, so cute! Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a lovely special day.
P.S Please dont choose my name, as a first time visitor to your blog it wouldnt seem right but I will definately visit again and next time I will be the first in the queue shouting pick me! pick me! Have a lovely Halloween too XXXX

Karen from A`Musements said...

HaPPy BiRthDay anD HaPpy HaUNTinGs to YoU, Jo!!! WiShinG yOu a YeaR oF FrivOLouS LaUghTer, UproAriOus FuN, anD aLL thE PinK mArshMallOws OnE LitTLe FaIRy WiTCh caN hoLd!!!

Drewzel said...

happy belated birthday! And I Love the staffy pic :D

goddessof4 said...

I just noticed your fairy door!!! It is so cute!!! I need one for our house!!!! Sara