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Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

whispered words-

We held hands on the last night on earth.Our mouths filled with dust,we kissed in fields and under trees,screaming like dogs,bleeding dark into the leaves.It was empty on the edge of town but we knew everyone floated along the bottom of the river.So we walked though the waste where the road curved into the sea and the shattered seasons lay, and the bitter smell of burning was on you like a disease.In our cancer of passion you said '' Death is a midnight runner''.
by Jordan Aderson-


Edgar and Edgar said...



Lola Enchanted said...


You always leave me stunned!!!

Enjoy your weekend

RowanDevoe said...

Wow! How spooky and fabulous! I also love the photos and the little wedding charm piece that I am sure you made! I love you! I have tons of lipstick, but I want to go back to my 2 old favorites-Current Plum and Black Honey by Clinque-the Black Honey looks good on everyone-I think you need some!

Mila said...

Gorgeous...it makes me quiet.
I love both the words and the images.


Linda Crispell said...

Quite lovely.

Diane said...

That is beautiful poetry.... and I sure do like the photographs that you arranged. You are a joy, too bad you are in Australia and I am in California otherwise I would be one of those guest that never leaves (:
Hugs, Diane

HopHopJingleBoo said...

oh,i'm back to visiting all my old haunts..and you my dear are always a delight! would you like to join my little swap??come take a peek..

Alison Gibbs said...

What beautiful words

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Beautiful post, dear...the pocket watch vignette is so lovely!

Susie Q said...

Always something beautiful, magical and lyrical. You are all these things and more!