WelCoMe To My LittLE WoRlD
Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Thursday, June 19, 2008

on this fine day-

just a little slice of life from fairy cake pond-at this very moment I'm home here by myself-Ive got music going and I've just opened a cold bottle of diet lemonade-Ive put it in a champagne glass with ice and it very delicious-nanna is doing fine-well to fine for my heart- she thinks she's on holidays in some resort- it very funny-she just makes my heart sing-she even had the hair dresser come to her on Friday afternoon-she asked me to get her hair pins out of her bed side cupboard-every 2ND day i take her fresh flowers-that makes her smile -every day I'm with her is a joy-yes life at the nursing home is divine-haven't seen much of our Jessy opal-shes still playing house and has her puppy shady to be with-i think shes coming for tea tomorrow night ( Friday )well -lets get jordy over and done with-what can i say -he's going to be 21 next moth-mmmmm-he's asking over 80 fun -funky -fantastic wild people here-oh mother- that's going to be all smile's-so I'm thinking-like what do i feed them-drinks well the drink blenders going to get a got work out-so any 1 with nice drink recipes please do tell-Jeremiahs still skating and doing football-and just having 2 good a life-yes he's 14- and young Angus-well hes still my baby boy- tomorrow night Friday and I'm shore he will wont to have a sleep over- the children of his age are so divine -they still want to build chubby houses and just do kid things-well i do love that age- ( 10 )I'm really missing my pug-( china) at the end of the year -who knows but I'm saying it out load -i need a little pug puppy-Mr Australia do you here me....god Ive got to love my man-he dose put up with a lot-hes been working around fairy cake pond-trying to get it all cleaned up for jordys 21st-i really like having party's things get done...winter has come to Victoria Australia- its cool at night time- so we have had our fire going most nights-its funny but all our poppy seeds are coming back up-i have big bunch's of queenanneslace every where as well- after the school holidays I'm going to a florist class-I'm over the moon about that -i can tell you-I'm really going on here-I'm of to run a bubble bath before all the boys come back from footy training-i just need to say thank you-your all such good friends-i hope your all well and happy in your worlds-singing and skipping-love Jo Anderson .p.s oh don't forget to put your lip stick on.......


Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Jo how wonderful that your Nan is doing so well.
Hope you got that bubble bath before the boys got back from footy

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi Sweetie, oooh you are going to enjoy that big 21st party. So glad your Nan is doing well, it must have been hard to start with but I am so glad to hear she has settled in well. Sorry I cant help with any drinky recipies but I'm sure someone else can!! Well taking my lipstick off and going to bed. Have had a hard day wandering around the bushland looking to see where the foxes live! Nite :0)

The Dutchess said...

I am so happy for you and your Nan.

ButtonWillow Cottage said...

So happy that life is "divine" for your nanna! Smiles all around... Sounds as if life at Fairy Cake Pond is just as sweet as can be. Enjoy your cozy fires!!! I'm jealous as all get out. Can't wait for Autumn and fires!!!
hugs to you and yours

Happy said...

Hi Jo, sorry I haven't visited for a while...I have had many troubles! too many to tell - i'd bore you completely!....anyway Fred has Deleted his blog!!! just thought id let you know so you can take off the link (as it doesn't work anymore)Good luck with the 21st Party - i do envy you Jo...you always sound so cheery and happy...You are a god send to your Nan, she is sooo lucky to have you Jo...Id love to come over to you, and we could skip and dance together....PS yesterday I bought some red lipstick, it makes you feel so much cheerier doesn't it!!

Luv Happy xx

Donna O'Brien said...

It's been 103 degrees here the past few days so maybe I need some of your lemonade in a champagne glass, too!!
PS- I'm happy to hear Nana is doing well!!

Merci-Notes said...

It seems like yesterday when I read of a party here! Time flys! Happy Birthday to your son! I am glad that your Mom is doing well. Flowers are the best and bring so much to our hearts. Speaking of which, I can not wait to see your flower arrangements!!!
P.s. I rmembered the lipstick yesterday!
Sop by, I am having a week of blog celebrating with a spa meal, projects AND PRIZES... no matter if it is summer or winter or fall where we are!
It has been wonderful meeting and getting to know you!!!

Rosemary said...

Glad that Nan is doing better.
Hope you had a nice bubble bath.
Have a wonderful week.

vivian said...

you live a wonderful and blessed life jo! I adore these pictures of you, they are awesome. 80 20 year olds sounds like a worry to me!! but a 10 year old with a buddy overnight does sound like fun! and... yes, you should have a pug puppy! I want one too... but I cant right now.. I have my hands full with an old cat who stinks!!
have a wonderful, blessed weekend with the fairies at fairy cake pond!!
big hugs to you!