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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


hello - and welcome to my little world- every ones still a sleep so i thought id be up early and just potter around the house-i just had to show you my new-old dresser that i had given to me from 1 of my girlfriends- aunty Wendy- yes shes changing her house all around and every things going - so she asked us if we would have her kitchen dresser- so I'm having heaps of fun- you know playing house- i have to tell you all something- 1 of my best friends has just done - a blog so please go and say hello to her- i will tell you something about this beautiful girl- in my mind- remember this is me- my friend has come from the royal sandwich family- yes she is the best cook- she makes me and my family feel very welcome in her home-there are all ways real words -full of kindness- one moment we may be drinking pots of tea to eating a Mac's 50 cent ice cream- she loves pugs - oh yes shes a very good pug mummy- and she just lives for vintage- and loves- OK I'm telling you Martha -her, Mr- does up very old cars- so there into the same things- they love there home and there family- we have so many good times- and we eat cake- please go and say hello to her- shes over at-- avalonandtheroses- enjoy- I'm so glad shes got a blog- la la la - love Jo.


Lori said...

Jo, i am just dying over how wonderful that dresser is and you have it "dressed" to perfection:) i love Love LOVE your new banner with those sweet bunnies of yours that set me to swooning every time i see them, they are just fantastic!!!...and these new colors you are using are wonderful...have a beautiful and blessed new year!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo!!!

samantha said...

Hi Jo, Thanks for dropping by and saying hello. Your dresser is lovely, especially that sign, how precious. Sam

Christine LeFever said...


The hutch is wonderful and you've outfitted it beautifully. Alas, a dresser to me is what we put our clothing into, and what I see here is a hutch, but I can call it a dresser from now on.

I visited your friend. She is ever so rosy!


SweetAnnee said...

Oh Jo ..you are so lucky ..that kitchen dresser is
most lovely and you've decorated it so wonderfully..
Your new banner is lovely..and you are always so
delightful. I'm gonna go put on my lipstick and then visit your friend's blog!!

Happy New Year,

Rosemary said...

What a great piece. How lucky for you Jo. Have loads of fun!

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi, lovely , lovely - i found your blog on the real living site. Am looking forward to reading your news! Mel xx

pinkroses said...

Oh my Jo! How I LOVE your new colors, and the new picture on your blog! Lovely! It looks as if you are enjoying summer as we are bundled against the cold here in the USA. Happy New Year to you and your family...
xo suzanne duda

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks for visiting, I've just spent an enjoyable 1/2 an hour reading all about you! You don't live far from us, I wish I had of known about your open Christmas show, we're at Red Hill tomorrow, don't forget to say hello if you're there. I'll be back to visit you soon
Gail xo

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Beautiful dresser Jo, filled with such interesting things too!!!!

purple cucumbers folk art said...

just passing threw,hope y'all had great holidays

Donna O'Brien said...

New banner Jo??? I love it! And the hutch of treasure, too!