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Tis said Mr Australia of old saved a fairy princess who had made her way to earth from ''a dark world''

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

jordy's 21st birthday party-

i have know idea where 21 years have gone-our big boy jordy had his 21st birthday party on Saturday night the theme was the 80s-i don't really remember the 80s that much-i was so busy with looking after my baby's so it was like what did they wear back then-so i just dressed up as a punk-come to think of it i did wear a lot of black and white and i had jasmine and ribbons in my hair-and i remember kissing my Mr Australia a lot-ha ha ha -funny thing -i still do-
we gave jordy a didgeridoo for his birthday present and he was over the moon-2 of his best friends gave him a baby lamb-its ssoooooooo cute-he's living with our chicken's up in the palace-i had a phone call last night from my darling friend Jan fryer from London- if your reading this note-hello darling -the last 9 weeks have been very busy for me-my life has been in a spin- 1st with my sweet nanna -who helped me be me -we lost her to the other place-she is safe and sleeping for ever-and the arrival of my dear brother- he just wants to do dinner party's the whole time-hes gone back to western Australia- and my Mr Australia took me to the snow -which felt like Narnia- and then to have jordy's 21st .....wow-this was the month's of june and july-whats next....singing and skipping love jo...p.s im of to put my lipstick on la la la.


Sunflower said...

Hi Flowers!
Your blog is so fun. I love visiting it. You look like such a fun person!
I just wanted to tell you our exciting news!! Our Fairy Treehouse and little Fairy Furniture are going to be featured in Faerie Magazine!!! We're so excited! The article will be in their next issue which will be out in 2 weeks! And we have two new films available, too....about our Fairy Art. You can read about them on my blog!
Have Fun!

Alison Gibbs said...

Wow Jo you have had a busy time of it. Looks like everyone had fun at Jordys 21st

vivian said...

hey jo.. looks like a pretty wild party! though I think I wouldnt expect anything less from you and your family! what is a didigeradoo??
what a sweet little lamb.. thats an interesting birthday present!!
happy day dear!