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Friday, March 20, 2009

no 4

no 4
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to be young-oh grab my hand lets run away with the circus for the day-


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there! How are you? So glad to see you again; I have been checking up on you, but no one was home! I hope spring is upon you out there. It is slowly approaching our neck of the woods. I saw my first rabbit in the garden, so spring is really coming. Come for a visit! Anita

suzeeez said...

Your pictures and comments always put a smile on my face.
:o) Sue

vivian said...

hey Jo! what a fun idea.. running away with the circus.. can you imagine the fun we would have?? I want to be the lady swinging up high on the ropes leaping through the air with a handsome strong man catching me!!
enjoy your weekend!

Sunflower said...


You had asked about the movie "The Fox and the Child". It's an English or French film so there really isn't anyone who I know in it. As far as I know, there's just a little girl in it. You can see trailers of it on Youtube. It looks so beautiful!!

Cedric said...


i send you greetings from germany,
your blog and your style and your way to life is soooo special and lovely!
i ´m your fan ;)

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Jo,
Oh what fun it would be to run away with the circus - I am sure young Angus would have a ball!!
Take care

goddessof4 said...

So sweet Jo!!! My youngest is my sweet babe!!!! I don't want him to grow up!!!!

Anonymous said...