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Thursday, June 2, 2011

the present box from a new dear friend...

There have been some very wonderful thing's happening here at fairy cake pond....i had a note sent to me first from miss mel nestler asking me to go to the post box....i did giggle to my self about that..i told her in a note back to her..that the letter box is 3 little beach towns away from us..i got a letter back saying - well- (i said back to her) im jumping in my car and im on my way....when i got to the post office the post master said to me mrs anderson we have a box for you- i did do a little dance in the post office...i then drove to the super market to buy some marshmallows and a bottle of pop ( champagne ) for when i opened the present box..this was like Christmas to me...when i got home i lite incense and white and pink candles..and i then sat down and opened the present...SQUEAl....and lots of singing and dancing...everything was so wonderful..but the best thing that was in the box was friendship-thankyou so much miss mel..you did make my heart happy...its like wow....and to have that wow..is a very wonderful thing..


vivian said...

dont you just love receiving things in the mail! so much fun! And isnt Friendship a wonderful blessing!?
happy Day Jo!

jen storer said...

What a gorgeous story! I just love getting treats in the mail. Handwritten letters, i read them over and over. Pressies. But a box of friendship? Thats just beautiful. jx

Carousel Dreams said...

What a lovely suprise Jo...Miss Mel has such a beautiful heart - enjoy your gifts and new found friendship x