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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NV New Vintage...in Byron Bay....

I have so many story's......long long time ago i saw this divine girl in an Australian Magazine..and she had a crimson velvet lounge ...and i remember thinking wow..id love to meet that girl one day...and she had a tree with a swing....so last weekend my mr Australia surprised us all and said he was taking us to the gold coast...Queensland...it was the first time in a long time ..we had our 4 naughty divine children together...as Jessy Opal lives in Carins...any way this year i joined facebook..and bang there was this girl...( Victoria Spring )so we have been sending notes here and there...shes in to collecting and we have children -just chatting with words,any way i said to my mr Australia how far a way is Byron Bay from where we where staying..as we hired a car...He said not far why..mmmm.. will you take me there...yes he said so i went on facebook and sent Miss V as thats what i call her...a little note...she sent me.. one back and told me what days she was going to be in her shop...so we went for a drive last Friday to Byron Bay..i said to mr Australia..i need to stop and get a bottle of champagne...so of i go and find the shop...Squeal....there she was with her darling divine friend Nicky McLaughin...they made me so welcome...we sipped champagne and talked all after noon....while sitting there talking we had a special friend turn up at the shop to buy miss V jewellery....it was Jimmy Barnes.....and his divine wife Jane....we all had the best afternoon...i just have to say..these 2 beautiful girls made myself and mr Australia so welcome..please if any of you travel to Byron Bay ..go to there shop...we all had the best day ever...singing and skipping..jo....p.s they have a blog as well....NV New Vintage...look them up..

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Alison Gibbs said...

Jo what a fun time in Byron - lucky girl