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Saturday, May 11, 2013

My day with mirka Mora

There are day's and there are days when you think you are dreaming....I was invited to have lunch out and about with Mirka Mora, and some of the most divine girls in this world..you may know Tina gates, sea gypsy,Amanda,coco, xxx and I meet some new friends as well...we shared lunch ...and laughed and talked..all after noon...the best day ever...while I was talking to mirka I gave her my dolly necklace....x


Deborah Darling said...

you all have so much fun, what a joy it is to see you all smiling and happy :) x

vivian said...

looks like you had a good time! always the best times when we can be out with our girlfriends!
have a great week Jo!

Firuzan said...

its was rainy day outside. i wished to see some warm australia sun lights. what a fun there. made me smiled a lot..
have a great season lovely fairy.
love & kisses,

trixy wells said...

what a lovely day out, thankyou for sharing that with us all, Mira is a legend in melb as are you beautiful girls also xxx

big hugs from big lulu

trixy wells said...

thankyou lovely one for sharing an amazing day with a melbourne icon, Mira is amazing as are you

big hugs big lulu xx

Carousel Dreams said...

It was the best kind of day! We all dressed in our best frocks, with a flower in our hair and lipstick, of course, and had the most delicious lunch with beautiful friends. Mirka Mora enchanted us with her cheeky stories and smile. Jo, our friendship is just so precious. Thankyou for sharing your magic x